Drones services

Ventura helps you use the complex systems of tomorrow


Drones services

Ventura Associates provides surveillance-focused aerial drone services in the areas of safety and environment


Maritime and naval expertise

Ventura helps you define the complex systems of tomorrow

What's new

26 January 2018

Ventura Associates France selected by the european comission

Ventura Associates France has been selected for an inter-institutional service framework contract for maritime security and surveillance expertise. Paris, January 19th, 2018 : Specialized in defining the complex systems of tomorrow,... Read More


By providing an in-depth understanding of the issues and consequences at stake (strategic, technical, financial, human, organizational, etc.), we enable our clientele to make the best decisions.


We quickly analyze every new demand to be able to propose answers almost immediately – a true skill based upon our proven professionalism.


Our ability to work collaboratively allows us to provide adapted services to every client, adjusting our strategies according to time and place.


Over the duration of our projects, we built trusting relationships with our clients, based upon strict ethical rules.


Together we master complexity and explore worlds of possibilities

Created by operational experts in complex engineering, the Ventura network brings associates and consultants together toward a common objective: offering the best possible added value to our clientele.


Ventura is totally committed to its clients, helping them develop their full potential

Three expertise capacities to launch your strategic projects and get the job done

Systems engineering

System and integration, risk management, development methods, certification and qualification, industrial strategy and organization.


Operational experience

Understanding the environment, the concept and the doctrines of defense and security systems, from the moment the need is stated to the termination of the use.


Information technologies

Understanding of the functions of naval and aeronautical defense domains.
International and multi-sectoral transverse vision.


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