Elaboration of specifications

  • Strategic and systemic approaches
  • Understanding of issues and constraints
  • Prioritization of requirements
  • Risk management


Integration and large-scale project management

  • Management of priorities
  • Ground and airborne systems engineering
  • Financial governance, planning and control
  • Risk management
  • Development methodology, industrial strategy and organization
  • Qualification and certification processes


Testing and certification

  • Justification plan
  • Evaluation and demonstration testing, acceptation
  • Analysis of risks and security
  • Configurations control
  • Certification



  • Project management
  • Methodology
  • Public markets

Domains of excellence


Sonar systems, acoustics, naval architecture, ship protection systems, electronic warfare systems, naval and helicopters, ISR , combat aircraft, electronic warfare systems, unmanned systems, rescue , electro-optical systems, radar, air communications, missile systems, bombs, guns and weapons, flight and mission training simulation, business aviation.

Global situations

Information technologies, integrated systems, border surveillance, space based detection, radar LRIT, interoperable approach and UAS Surveillance Services.

Risk management

Enterprise-Based Security Risk Assessment, Implementing Security Risk Management, Organizational Structure, Business Continuity and Resilience, Intelligence Approach to S&RM, Crisis Management, Consequence Management, Resilience and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security and Maritime Piracy.

and transformation

Assistance in change management, coaching of management, training, internal communication and support.