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Ventura Associates France selected by the european comission tender for the CISE project

In the context of a framework contract from the European Commission, Ventura Associates France has just won a second study contract for the benefit of DG Mare. The aim is to carry out a study on the security of the European maritime information exchange system CISE.

After a pre-operational validation phase, the CISE system is currently entering a transition phase towards an operational system piloted by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) with the technical support of the European Union’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Following a review of national and European reference systems for information system security, the aim of this study is to carry out an audit of CISE and to propose an approval procedure adapted to the challenges of sharing maritime information between multiple stakeholders.

Ventura will carry it out by calling on its Finnish partners LAUREA and French partner SEKOIA.

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