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R & D

Robotic Research joins Persistent Systems Wave Relay Ecosystem

UAS weekly – 08/01/2021 – Persistent Systems, LLC (“Persistent”), a leader in mobile ad hoc networking (MANET), announced today that leading autonomous and unmanned vehicle technologies provider Robotic Research has joined the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, an industry alliance of sensor and unmanned system companies that all utilize Persistent’s Wave Relay® mobile ad hoc network. “The aim of the Wave Relay Ecosystem is to deliver the warfighter a truly unified battlefield network,” said Jeffrey Washington, Director of Business Development at Persistent Systems, “where all of the sensors and unmanned systems are united to deliver the warfighter real-time situational awareness.” Robotic Research’s WarLoc, a boot-worn sensor for keeping track of dismounted troops in GPS-denied environments (caves, skyscrapers, subway tunnels), has already been proven to integrate and work seamlessly with Persistent’s MPU5 tactical networking device… lire l’article

Fruity Chutes Parachute Release Protects Drones from Ground Damage

UAS weekly – 07/01/2021 – Fruity Chutes, a manufacturer of recovery systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has launched the Raven On-Landing Parachute Release (ROPR), a patent pending device that allows a parachute to be automatically released from a payload upon landing. This mitigates potential damage caused by wind that could otherwise drag a valuable payload after landing. Unlike other on-landing release devices, the Raven On-Landing Parachute Release is designed specifically for UAV and rocketry use and is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. In order to work reliably, the ROPR has an internal hold timer that assures the parachute will not be released early after initial deployment due to opening bounce or other deployment shocks. The hold timer locks the device while the parachute is opening and unstable… lire l’article

FLY-R unveils its new range of UAVs based on the Rhomboidal Wing Configuration

UAS weekly – 07/01/2021 – FLY-R SAS unveiled its new corporate image, logo and website. The presentation includes several new FLY-R projects such as the R2-HSTD. The aerodynamics formula of the rhomboidal wing is a technology breakthrough and was largely proven by FLY-R on its R2-150 and R2-240 UAVs. It has now been extended to new models of UAVs up to 6m wingspan. The new project announcements from FLY-R also include the R2-HSTD, a rhomboidal wing Hight Speed Target Drone powered by a jet turbine. FLY-R is also entering the final development test and qualification of its autonomous recovery system for fixed-wing UAVs on a moving platforms… lire l’article

Combining GNSS with Inertial Measurements for Mapping & Surveying

UST drones – 07/01/2021 – OxTS has conducted a Q&A interview for Velodyne LiDAR that provides information on how combining LiDAR with GNSS/INS technology can provide accurate and consistent position, orientation and heading and thus improved measurements. OxTS is an experienced developer of GNSS-aided inertial navigation solutions for mapping and surveying, and its products are ideal for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) platforms. The responses were authored by Paris Austin, Lidar Survey Business Manager at OxTS… lire l’article


Hydrogen drone business partnership forms among Hy-Hybrid Energy, MMCUAV, and Goldi Mobility

Hydrogen Fuel News – 06/01/2021 – The strategic collaboration was signed to move green powered unmanned aerial vehicles forward. Hy-Hybrid Energy, Goldi Mobility and Shenzhen MicroMultiCopter (MMCUAV) have signed a hydrogen drone business partnership agreement. They are aiming to use this strategic collaboration to advance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using emission-free fuel. The agreement states that the partners will work together in Hungary to demonstrate the fuel cell drones. In this hydrogen drone business partnership, MMCUAV provides non-exclusive rights across the EU to Goldi for use with their hydrogen powered drones and UAVs, in addition to a certificate of regional partnership certification… lire l’article

One-Handed Controller to Debut at CES 2021

UAS vision – 06/01/2021 – Russian start-up Knuckles-5 has developed a fully one-handed controller for drones and video games that will make its official debut next month at CES 2021. The company has been created by “People who are crazy enough to make impossible things, and professional enough to make it well.” The two traditional joysticks are replaced by two trackballs – one is moved by the index finger, while the other is moved by the thumb. Each trackball  controls the drone along two axes of movement. Another two axes are controlled by a thumb-activated mini joystick, while a further two are controlled by an IMU (inertial measurement unit) that detects the direction in which the controller is being tilted. In total  the device gives control over eight axes of movement… lire l’article

SATCOM Integrated Bayraktar TB2S UAV Performs Flight

Railly News – 05/01/2021 – Bayraktar TB2S, developed by Baykar Defense on Bayraktar TB2 platform, performed its UAV flight. In the post made by Baykar Defense on its social media account Twitter, Bayraktar TB2S SİHA’s flight images were included. Baykar Defense made the first post about Bayraktar TB2S system with two visuals to celebrate Azerbaijan’s victory. A TB2 SİHA (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with a design change in the visuals caught the eye. The TB2S’s body, which has been noticed with a change in design, has a structure very similar to the layout of the SATCOM antenna used for satellite connection in UAVs. According to the information Defense Turk obtained after the first sharing mentioned above, the name of the new vehicle is TB2S… lire l’article

Drone Integration Into European Airspace Investigated

UST drones – 05/01/2021 – The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and Information Systems Delft (ISD) are performing a multi-year study for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) in order to develop the procedures needed to safely and efficiently integrate Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into European airspace. The partnership has recently completed a large-scale simulation experiment to test the application of a GA-ASI Detect and Avoid System in the European context. GA-ASI’s MQ-9B SkyGuardian is also being used as an example platform for this study. Enabling MALE UAVs to operate on a file-and-fly basis like commercial airliners would unlock numerous civilian applications, including infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations and quick mapping of events such as natural disasters. In order to develop and validate the required procedures for the real-life tests, NLR is using two simulators, the NLR ATM Research Simulator (NARSIM) and the NLR Multi Unmanned aerial system Supervision Testbed (MUST)… lire l’article

First Autonomous Drone Field Lab in EU Opened

UST drones – 05/01/2021 – The High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) technology park has begun construction of new onsite digital infrastructure for advanced autonomous aviation that will help advance the research and development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in a safe, secure and regulated way. HTCE has selected urban digital technology developer Serendipity to handle the technical coordination for this new field lab. The field lab is being developed as part of the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) consortium and ecosystem, a three-year collaborative innovation and research project recently funded by the European Commission… lire l’article

Air Force Awards 17 Quantum Research Grants

TFIR – 30/12/2020 – The Air Force recently awarded 17 quantum information science grants, with a focus on basic research, to scientists and engineers at institutions across the globe. These awards were fast-tracked following a three-day virtual pitch competition held during the Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator. The Innovare Advancement Center, at Rome, New York, hosted the virtual Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator event from Sept. 1-3, 2020, with funding provided by AFRL’s Information Directorate, AFOSR, the Office of Naval Research, and additional support provided by the Griffiss Institute, New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation, and SUNY Research Foundation… lire l’article

BAE Collaborates With UAVTEK to Develop Nano ‘Bug’ Drone

UKDJ – 28/12/2020 – BAE Systems, in collaboration with UAVTEK, has developed a nano “Bug” drone, and delivered the first 30 units to the British Army, which has put it through its paces as part of a trial. The Bug is a nano-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) weighing 196g – similar to the weight of a smartphone – with 40 minute battery life and a 2km range. It boasts a stealthy low visual profile and the ability to fly even in strong winds of more than 50mph… lire  l’article

Surveillance de zone ou de site

Pourquoi Barkhane se prive de trois Reaper

Le Mamouth – 30/12/2020 – Dans la guerre contre le terrorisme, l’effort (et la guerre) n’est pas toujours total. En janvier 2020, la 33e. ERSA a reçu un premier système de Reaper Block 5 : sans l’autorisation de la DGA, le minarm n’a pas commencé à utiliser ces drones. Qui ne volent toujours pas alors que leur engagement était prévu au Sahel au printemps. Et qu’un deuxième système a été livré depuis. Nous sommes pratiquement un an plus tard, rien n’a changé : les Reaper Block 5 sont arrivés au Sahel à la mi-décembre, et sans autorisation de la DGA, ne peuvent pas être engagés. Barkhane en est réduit à larguer des tracts pour faire peur aux terroristes, sur le registre, « Barkhane vous voit avec ses drones »… lire l’article

Travis Air Force Base Is First to Get Drone Sentry for Protection – 03/01/2021 – A Security Forces unit in California now has a new sentry: a small quadcopter that will conduct perimeter security for its 6,000-plus acre facility. The 60th Security Forces Squadron at Travis Air Force Base received its first drone in December, made by Easy Aerial, that will provide an extra awareness for base security to analyze and relay a potential threat to airmen before they head out to the scene, according to a recent release… lire l’article


Drone de combat

Iran combat UAVs successfully destroy targets on 2nd day of drill

Global Security – 06/01/2021 – Iran’s Army Karrar-class drone has successfully intercepted and destroyed mock hostile targets during a large-scale drill involving combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). On Wednesday, the domestically-manufactured drone fired an air-to-air Azarakhsh (Thunderbolt) missile at the designated aerial target, with a low radar cross-section at a high altitude, and managed to destroy it. The successful operation took place on the second day of the exercise in the northern province of Semnan, where hundreds of drones belonging to the Army’s Ground, Navy and Air Defense Forces are practicing combat missions… lire l’article

GA-ASI Selected for Skyborg Vanguard Program

GA – 06/01/2021  – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) has been selected by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) to support the Skyborg Vanguard Program. Skyborg will become the foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) autonomous capabilities for a family of future USAF unmanned combat aerial vehicles. “GA-ASI is excited to continue working with the Air Force to advance the Skyborg concept,” said GA-ASI President David R. Alexander. “Our ongoing investments in advancing unmanned systems over the past 30 years provide a critical advantage for fast-tracking development time and reducing overall program risk.” GA-ASI will modify two of its company-owned Avenger Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) with upgraded datalinks and the core Skyborg System Design Agent (SDA) software, as well as other payloads… lire l’article

Iran army announces large-scale drone drill

Space War – 04/01/2021 – Iran’s army is set to hold a « joint and large-scale » drone drill with its different divisions primarily in central Iran on Tuesday, the state news agency IRNA reported. The two-day drill will involve « hundreds of operational drones of the army’s ground, air and navy forces in the general area of Semnan (province) and different parts » of the country, IRNA said on Monday. The Iran-manufactured drones will undertake « combat, surveillance, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare » in short and long distances flights, the agency added… lire l’article



Russia’s Predator-Style Drone With Big Export Potential Has Launched Its First Missiles

The Drive – 28/12/2020 – Russia’s Orion unmanned aerial vehicle has reportedly fired guided missiles for the first time, marking a significant step toward the country deploying its first fully-operational armed drone. As well as missiles, the drone has reportedly also been recently tested with unpowered guided glide bombs. While the Russians have said that the Orion drone — also known by the project name Inokhodets, meaning pacer in Russian — has dropped guided glide bombs before, during combat trials in Syria in 2018, the launch of a powered weapon is a new development… lire l’article

Relevés agricoles

Draganfly Commander Drones Selected by US Department of Agriculture

UST drones – 05/01/2021 – Draganfly’s Commander drones have been selected by the US Department of Agriculture for use in phenotyping and other related data collection and analysis tasks. The selection follows the US Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Industry and Security’s addition of several foreign drone manufacturers to an entity list with restricted access to key enabling US technologies. Draganfly believes that its North American manufacturing and security sets a benchmark for governmental and private organizations. The Draganfly Commander Ag-Pro model is a turnkey UAV package providing extended flight times, high level of data resolutions and accuracy and the utmost data security… lire l’article


Drones : la préfecture de police de Paris échoue à contourner la loi CNIL

Next Impact – 04/01/2021 – Le 15 décembre dernier, le Conseil d’État a une nouvelle fois asséné une gifle au ministère de l’Intérieur sur l’usage des drones équipés de caméras. L’usage d’un floutage sur les flux vidéo n’a pas été jugé suffisant. Une victoire pour la Quadrature du Net, jusqu’au vote de la loi Sécurité globale. En mai 2020, le Conseil d’État épinglait la Préfecture de Police de Paris pour l’usage de drones destinés à épauler les forces de l’ordre dans le contrôle des mesures de confinement. En jeu, nulle sombre règlementation sur le droit aérien, mais la législation sur les traitements de données personnelles… lire l’article

FAA Issues Restrictions on UAS Operations at DOD Facilities

FAA – 29/12/2020 – In cooperation with its federal partners, the FAA will restrict UAS operations in the airspace over two locations. The first facility is Rock Island Arsenal located between Davenport, Iowa and Rocks Island, Illinois. The second facility is Biometric Technology Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Restrictions on these Department of Defense facilities are to address concerns about drone activity over security sensitive facilities. Information on the FAA Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), FDC 0/5116, can be found on the FAA’s UAS Data Delivery System (UDDS) website… lire l’article

U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Two Much-Anticipated Drone Rules to Advance Safety and Innovation in the United States

FAA – 28/12/2020 – WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced final rules for Unmanned Aircraft (UA), commonly known as drones. The new rules will require Remote Identification (Remote ID) of drones and allow operators of small drones to fly over people and at night under certain conditions. These rules come at a time when drones represent the fastest-growing segment in the entire transportation sector – with currently over 1.7 million drone registrations and 203,000 FAA-certificated remote pilots. Remote ID will help mitigate risks associated with expanded drone operations, such as flights over people and at night, and both rules support technological and operational innovation and advancements… lire l’article

Logistique – UTM

uAvionix Announces Launch Customer Airbus Zephyr for ping200X and truFYX

UAS weekly – 05/01/2021 – Zephyr is a solar-electric, stratospheric UAS that flies above weather and conventional air traffic, filling a capability gap complementary to satellites. With a wingspan of 25m and relying on solar energy, onboard batteries are charged during daylight and have sufficient capacity to power overnight flight. Zephyr currently holds the world record for the longest flight duration at 25 days, 23 hours, and 57 minutes. The Zephyr team needed a certifiable transponder, ADS-B, and GPS solution which not only meets global airspace requirements as it ascends and descends through Class A airspace, but just as importantly does so with minimal size, weight, and power (SWaP) consumption consistent with what a long-endurance solar-powered aircraft can support… lire l’article

Vodafone et Ericsson concrétisent la livraison par drone via les réseaux mobiles – 05/01/2021 – Les essais effectués au centre d’innovation de Vodafone à Aldenhoven en Allemagne ont pris en compte les données du trafic réseau pour s’assurer que les trajectoires des drones évitent d’employer des zones de mauvaise couverture de réseau ou d’autres où il y aurait une surcharge de trafic. Ce faisant, le drone a une connectivité garantie du point de départ au point d’arrivée. Celà permet aux opérateurs de drones d’utiliser des cartes de couverture pour planifier une trajectoire fiable et sécurisée entre le drone et le centre de contrôle. La portée des drones non liés aux réseaux mobiles est limitée aux opérations visibles à distance… lire l’article

UAS Remote Identification Overview 

FAA – 04/01/2021 – Drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are fundamentally changing aviation, and the FAA is committed to working to fully integrate drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Safety and security are top priorities for the FAA and remote identification (remote ID) of drones is crucial to our integration efforts. Remote ID is the ability of a drone in flight to provide identification and location information that can be received by other parties… lire l’article

VF La filiale Wing d’Alphabet s’oppose à la réforme américaine sur les drones, invoquant le respect de la vie privée

L’Usine Digitale – 04/01/2021 – Wing critique la dernière loi américaine imposant la mise en place de plaques d’immatriculation électroniques pour les drones et la transmission de leurs informations de localisation à l’aide d’une communication par radiofréquence. La filiale d’Alphabet, qui développe des drones de livraison, assure que cela soulève des problèmes relatifs à la vie privée et préfère la transmission d’informations via internet… lire l’article

China’s First National Standard for UAS Delivery Service Jointly Formulated by EHang will be Effective from January 1, 2021

UAS weekly – 29/12/2020 – The Specification for Express Delivery Service by Unmanned Aircraft (the “Standard”) issued by the State Post Bureau of PRC will be effective from January 1st, 2021. The Standard was jointly formulated by industry-leading players including EHang (Nasdaq: EH), (Nasdaq: JD), and ZTO Express (NYSE: ZTO). As China’s first industry standard for express delivery service by unmanned aircrafts, the implementation of the Standard is of great significance for improving the last-mile delivery service, ensuring the safety of operations, as well as promoting the development of intelligent aerial logistics of urban air mobility (“UAM”) industry… lire l’article

BVLOS Drone Operations Conducted Over North Sea

UST drones – 31/12/2021 – uAvionix’ ping200X transponder and truFYX GPS receiver have recently been used by UAS (unmanned aerial systems) operators Flylogix to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations in the North Sea. Flylogix is a provider of smarter, cleaner and more efficient solutions for applications such as agriculture and oil and gas inspections. UAS operating without electronic conspicuity (EC) are largely invisible to manned aircraft, while those that are equipped with EC can see and be seen by other airspace users… lire l’article

Pierce Aerospace and the University of Notre Dame Awarded US Air Force Agility Prime Contract for Remote ID for Air Vehicles

sUAS News – 23/12/2020 – Pierce Aerospace and the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing announced that the US Air Force awarded them an Agility Prime contract for “Decentralized Remote ID for Air Vehicles: Optimization of Low Latency, Scalable Data Networks Via Emulation, Modeling, and Simulation.” This award comes on the heels of Pierce Aerospace’s recent advances with Flight Portal ID, a Remote ID and Combat ID technology suite, including a recent integration with US Army Command and Control systems in downtown New Orleans airspace… lire l’article


EHang Launches Aerial Tourism Services with Strategic Partner Greenland Hong Kong

Global News Wire – 28/12/2020 – GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”), the world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company, announced the launch of its own autonomous urban air mobility (“UAM”) services with its strategic partner Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited (SEHK: 00337) (“Greenland Hong Kong”), an HKEX-listed real estate company. The trial services include an aerial sightseeing program and aerial media shows, which will be rolled out in the partner’s tourism real estate project (Forest Lake) located in Zhaoqing, a popular tour destination city in Guangdong, China. The Company intends to work jointly with Greenland Hong Kong over time to offer aerial tourism services using its EH216 AAVs in more cities… lire l’article

Logistique maritime

UK Seeks Autonomous Heavy Lift Drones for Naval Service

The Maritime Executive – 29/12/2020 – The UK’s Ministry of Defense is looking to acquire a heavy-lift drone for the Royal Navy. It has issued a request for information to inform requirements for an « autonomous maritime airborne heavy lift capability » for the service – in essence, an up-scaled version of commercial drone delivery. The RFI parameters call for solutions that are autonomous, crewless and capable of operating over the horizon. Ideally, they will have interchangeable payloads and an open architecture, and they must be maintainable. The cargo payload goal is significant: the MoD is seeking « accurate delivery of payloads exceeding 200 kilos, » or 440 pounds… lire l’article

Logistique médicale

Urban Aeronautics announces first pre-orders of its EMS CityHawk aircraft from Hatzolah Air

UAS weekly – 05/01/2021 – Urban Aeronautics Ltd., a leading Israeli aerospace, today announced it has reached an agreement to provide four CityHawk VTOL aircraft to Hatzolah Air for emergency medical service (EMS) applications, company executives announced.  
In addition, Hatzolah Air will become Urban Aeronautics’ official sales representative and distribution channel to other EMS and Rescue organizations worldwide. The companies previously signed an MOU to develop, produce, and market the CityHawk aircraft for EMS applications… lire l’article


Houthis shot down Turkish-made combat drone operated by Saudi-led coalition (vidéo)

South Front – 06/01/2021 – The Houthis, formally known as Ansar Allah, announced on January 6 that their Air Defense Force had shot down a combat drone of the Saudi-led coalition. In a statement, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that the drone, a Turkish-made Karayel, was shot down with a ground-to-air missile while it was carrying out “hostilities” over the northern Yemeni province of al-Jawf. The Karayel was developed by Turkey’s Vestel to carry out surveillance, reconnaissance and combat missions. The drone has an endurance of up to 20 hours and an operating range of 150 km. The drone can be armed with guided munitions like the Turkish-made MAM-L and MAM-C… lire l’article


La Chine met en service un grand drone pour la protection écologique – 06/01/2021 – La Chine a mis en service mercredi un grand drone pour les précipitations artificielles dans la province chinoise du Gansu (nord-ouest). Le grand drone, Ganlin-1, qui signifie pluie douce en chinois, a décollé mercredi à 15h24 depuis l’aéroport de Jinchuan dans la ville de Jinchang au Gansu. Cette innovation en matière de protection écologique a marqué le lancement du premier grand système de modification météorologique basé sur les drones en Chine, comblant ainsi les lacunes du pays dans ce domaine.


U.S. Air Force establishes enduring presence in Romania

Dvids – 05/01/2021 – RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany – The U.S. Air Force has based MQ-9 Reaper aircraft and approximately 90 Airmen to the 71st Air Base in Campia Turzii Air Base, Romania, to conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in support of NATO operations. The MQ-9s will fall under the 31st Expeditionary Operations Group, Detachment 1, until the squadron is fully operational. Both units are subordinate to the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano Air Base, Italy. “The forward and ready positioning of our MQ-9s at this key strategic location reassures our allies and partners, while also sending a message to our adversaries… lire l’article

Qualification du système de drone S-100 à bord du PHA Tonnerre

Marine Nationale – 04/01/2021 – Cette nouvelle campagne d’essais, menée conjointement par la DGA, la Marine nationale et les industriels Naval Group et Schiebel (constructeur autrichien du drone S-100), a permis de valider le bon fonctionnement du vecteur aérien ainsi que son interfaçage avec le système de combat du Tonnerre. Au cours d’un vol de vérification du réseau antennaire, le vecteur aérien a évolué à plus de 80 Nm du bâtiment offrant ainsi au PHA des perspectives d’emploi opérationnel élargies. Après le Dixmude, le PHA Tonnerre est le 2ème bâtiment apte à mettre en œuvre le système de drone tactique S-100. La remarquable collaboration entre l’équipage du PHA Tonnerre, les acteurs DGA des essais et le CEPA/10S est la clef de cette réussite qui permet de consolider la montée en puissance des drones dans la marine… lire l’article


Indian teen saves 4 drowning fishermen with the help of a drone

Drone DJ – 07/01/2021 – In Thrissur, India, a teenager is being hailed a hero after he helped save four drowning fishermen with his drone’s help. The 19-year-old managed to hop on board a rescue boat and sent his drone up to find the fishermen clinging for life. On Tuesday morning, fishermen on land were worried about a missing boat that didn’t return. This prompted a police search to look for the four fishermen. Unfortunately, the police weren’t able to spot them first, which led to rescue boats being sent out… lire l’article

Teledyne buying FLIR to create unmanned and sensor heavyweight

C4ISRnet – 06/01/2021 – WASHINGTON ― Industrial conglomerate Teledyne Technologies Inc. is acquiring FLIR Systems Inc., the sensor and unmanned systems maker, in a cash-and-stock transaction valued at about $8 billion. The deal is seen as creating a larger new contender for unmanned systems in the air, land and sea ― or for optionally manned systems, as well as nascent Defense Department satellites to detect and track hypersonic missiles… lire l’article


Un officier arrêté pour avoir ignoré le bruit d’un drone qui a tué 18 soldats

Nouvelle d’Arménie Magazine – 06/01/2021 – Le commandant adjoint d’une unité militaire identifiée comme le lieutenant-colonel A.V. a été arrêté parce soupçonné d’avoir donné un ordre lors des hostilités au Haut-Karabakh, qui ont entraîné la mort de 18 militaires et la blessure d’un autre, a révélé le bureau du procureur général mercredi 30 décembre. Le père de l’un des militaires décédés a écrit une lettre au procureur général Artur Davtyan, dans laquelle il raconte comment, après avoir appris que son fils avait été envoyé au Karabakh, il s’y est rendu dans sa voiture pour soutenir les troupes… lire l’article


Leonardo’s second AI drone competition: Communication is key

Drone DJ– 05/01/2021 – Aerospace and defense company Leonardo has announced its 2021 edition of its AI drone competition focusing on communication between the drones and external sensors. The competition will see universities from around Italy set to take place at the end of spring 2021. The 2021 version of the competition will be done in a game-like way. Drones will have to figure out their surroundings, then map them out and figure out the best way to get to the landing zone first. The drones will need to talk to sensors on the ground and dodge the “buildings” in the way… lire l’article

Boeing awarded $198M modification to MQ-25 tanker drone upgrade contract

Defence blog – 30/12/2020 – The U.S. Navy awarded a $198 million contract modification to Boeing for the integration of a ground control station that provides command and control capability in support of the MQ-25 carrier-based tanker drone. According to the U.S. Department of Defense contract announcements, work will be performed in St. Louis, Missouri (99%); and various locations within the continental U.S. (1%), and is expected to be completed in August 2024. Also noted that the Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity… lire l’article


The government blacklisted DJI drones, but some drone companies are more confused than worried

The Verge – 23/12/2020 – Last week, the US Department of Commerce put Chinese drone maker DJI on its Entity List, limiting how it can work with US companies. The news startled DJI’s huge American user base, including companies that rely on DJI for entire fleets of commercial drones. But it’s likely less onerous than it initially sounded — even if, like many Trump administration decisions, it comes with a dose of uncertainty. The Trump administration has repeatedly used sanctions to crack down on Chinese tech giants, sometimes on nebulous or disputed grounds… lire l’article

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