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Indian Army gets reday for ‘swarm’ drone attacks

Indian Defence News – 18.01.2021 – The Indian Army has enhanced its drone capabilities, inducting 75 indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can also be used for combat missions to target enemy positions. The combat drones that were part of the ‘swarm technology’ display at the Army Day Parade on January 15 have been inducted in phases since August 2020, boosting army’s surveillance capabilities and also bringing in an element of surprise to carry out targeted strikes to assist troops on the ground.  Initially, only five of these drones were bought in August 2020 but in the last few months, as tensions escalated with China in Ladakh and spiking ceasefire violations by Pakistan at the Line of Control (LoC), more of these were purchased, officials said… lire l’article

Drone tactique

MBDA uses micro-drone as a spotter for its anti-tank missile

Defense News – 21.01.2021 – PARIS – European missile group MBDA has successfully hit a test target with its new anti-tank missile, the MMP, using targeting information gathered by a micro-drone, the company said. The test, undertaken at the Canjuers army testing ground in the south of France, was designed to represent an engagement “beyond line of sight” in the framework of the €6.5 million ($7.9 million) trinational (France, Belgium, Cyprus) LynkEUs program of the European Union… lire l’article

Turquie : le premier drone armé national ’Songar’ intégré dans un blindé

Nouvelles d’Arménie Magazine – 20.01.2021 – Le « premier drone armé national » à entrer dans l’inventaire des forces armées turques, Songar, a été intégré pour la première fois dans un véhicule terrestre blindé. Ainsi, Songar aura la possibilité de localiser des cibles dans l’air et d’effectuer des opérations armées à distance grâce au système de drones armés. Fonctionnant efficacement jour et nuit dans toutes sortes d’opérations militaires et de sécurité. lire l’article

Increasing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Coverage with Automated Wireless Recharging of Small Tactical UAVs

Soldier Systems – 20.01.2021  -The U.S. departments of Defense and Homeland Security will spend billions of dollars over the next few years on unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (UAVs) and sensor systems. The U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps will make greater use of Class I mini/micro vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAVs to provide tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)… lire l’article

Brigantes Presents – The Loki 2 Drone from Sky Hero

Soldier Systems – 20.01.2021 – The Loki Mk2 is an operational support tool offering dependable methods of analysis and diffusion of videos. With extreme performance in most light conditions the camera allows users to track and anticipate target movements enabling reliable and rapid situational awareness for precise decision making… lire l’article

Surveillance de la faune maritime

Canada buys a search and rescue drone to save whales

DroneDJ – 19.01.2021 – Canada has chosen to purchase an Elbit Systems Hermes 900 search and rescue drone to monitor the endangered whale population along the east and west coasts of the country and the Arctic as a part of the Canadian National Aerial Surveillance Program.  Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau shared that the agency will be acquiring the Hermes 900 drone to protect Canada’s endangered species and the environment. The North Atlantic right whale is at the center of the drone purchase, as there is currently an estimated fewer than 366 in the North Atlantic. Scientists already think it is extinct in the eastern section of the Atlantic… lire l’article

Drone captif

Zenith Aerotech mounts radar, networking radio, and EO/IR camera on small, tethered drone

sUAS News – 19.01.2021 – Integration demonstrates versatility of long-endurance, heavy-lift, readily deployable Quad 8. AFTON, VA: — Zenith AeroTech announced today that it has integrated an advanced flight radar, gimbaled EO/IR camera, and mobile ad hoc networking radio on the company’s Quad 8 tethered mid-range, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS). The engineering work, which was done at the behest of an unnamed Federal customer, demonstrates how
the long-endurance, tethered sUAS can support force protection and early warning missions. Able to fly at 400 feet AGL for hours—and even days—at a time, the tethered Quad 8 draws power from an easily transportable ground power unit. Zenith Aerotech’s sUAS line, can carry a variety of payloads, from 10 to 24 lbs. Until now, the company has never flown this combination of advanced sensor and communications equipment on the Quad 8… lire l’article


Ukrainian startup develops low-cost drone interceptor

Defence Blog – 21.01.2021 – Kyiv-based startup developing low-cost counter-drone technologies to create an unmanned aircraft system to track a target in flight and plot a kinetic impact.The startup plans to counter the increasing dangers presented by adversaries’ small, unmanned aircraft systems, or sUAS, with the kinetic method. Its system consists special drone that takes out other drones by attacking them mid-air. According to the startup, after launch on the first step of its flight, the drone interceptor lifts to the target altitude and after this go into a horizontal flight to achieve a maximal speed of the interception… lire l’article

US military seeks technologies to reduce collateral damage in C-UAS intercepts

Unmanned Aisrpace – 20.01.2021 – The US Joint C-sUAS Office (JCO) intends to conduct a series of semi-annual JCO events, with the first demonstration event focused on Low Collateral Interceptors. The JCO is seeking whitepapers to identify sources with the ability to provide Low Collateral Interceptor capabilities for a hardware demonstration at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) in April 2021. The Low Collateral Effects Interceptor demonstration event is intended to find solutions to defeat small UASs in an environment that requires minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment or personnel.  Specific, but not limited, uses would include defeating small UAS in urban environments, over sensitive sites, or situations where the rules of engagement would not allow kinetic effects. The Government will endeavor to complete the Phase 1 whitepaper evaluations within 10 calendar days of the closing of


New Tactical Rapid Deployment Anti-Drone Jammer Launched

UST drones – 18.01.2021 – Netline has unveiled a new a rapid deployment (RD) tactical drone jamming solution, the DroneNet RD Jammer. The compact solution meets US Military Standards (MIL-STD), offers superior performance and fast, easy deployment. The DroneNet RD Jammer is the latest addition to the DroneNet family of comprehensive solutions designed to prevent unauthorized drones entering protected airspace, such as over deployed military forces, over strategic facilities, or in VIP protection arenas, whether on the move or stationary. Easy to operate, assemble and transport, the DroneNet RD jammer can be quickly deployed, mounted on a tripod mast, by a small tactical operating team… lire l’article

the submittal period and provide notification to companies… lire l’article

Logistique médicale

ANRA Technologies powering development of first medical drone delivery network in UK

UAS weekly – 21.01.2021  –  ANRA Technologies, a leader in integrated airspace management, today announced its participation in the CAELUS project, a consortium led by AGS Airports that will develop and trial the UK’s first national distribution network using drones to transport essential medicines, blood, organs, and other medical supplies throughout Scotland… lire l’article

AGS Airports led Consortium to develop UK’s first medical delivery drone network

TravelDailyNews – 21.01.2021 – AGS Airports, which owns and manages Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, is to lead a consortium that will develop and trial what will be the UK’s first national distribution network to use drones to transport essential medicines, blood, organs and other medical supplies throughout Scotland. The AGS led consortium, which brings together 14 organisations including the University of Strathclyde, and leading air traffic control provider NATS, successfully secured £1.5 million from the UK Industrial Strategy Future Flight Challenge Fund to demonstrate how autonomous drone technology can enhance access to essential medical supplies, particularly in rural parts of Scotland… lire l’article

COVID Humanitarian UAS Operation (CHURP) concludes delivery test in Syracuse

Geospatial World – 20.01.2021 – The COVID-19 Humanitarian UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Response Partnership (CHURP) announced the conclusion of its latest operational phase: multi-day flight operations and evaluations of two separate use cases to prepare for potential wider-scale deployment. The partnership was formed over nine months ago by Emergent 121 Consulting and Akin Gump, LLP. The operation included collaboration among UAS, health, and public safety leaders. The project began on January 14 and closed with a local media demonstration on January 16 at The State University of New York’s (SUNY) Upstate University Hospital and the Central New York (CNY) Biotech Accelerator. UAS commonly referred to as ‘drones’, offers unique solutions to the many challenges faced by our health and public safety agencies during the COVID-19 crisis… lire l’article

Logistique terrestre

Walmart to begin drone delivery pilot this summer

Freight Waves – 20.01.2021  – Walmart (NYSE: WMT) customers along the Arkansas and Missouri state line will soon be able to receive their e-commerce orders via drone delivery. The retailer and drone provider Zipline International have announced that a pilot program operating out of Walmart’s Pea Ridge, Arkansas, store will begin this summer. “This is going to be the beta test site,” Pea Ridge Mayor Jackie Crabtree told the Joplin Globe in an interview this week. “It’s the first one in the country.” Reached by FreightWaves, a Walmart spokesperson didn’t offer any new details on the project or a timeline but pointed to a blog post, published on Sept. 14, 2020, that outlined the retailer’s work with Zipline. The mayor’s comments are the first known acknowledgement of when the pilot will begin… lire l’article

Dragontail Systems Deploys Autonomous Drones To Assist Food Deliveries

UAS weekly – 19.01.2021 –  Dragontail Systems Limited , a software company that optimizes the entire restaurant order and delivery process for global brands like Dominos, KFC and Pizza Hut, today announced the deployment of an autonomous drones control and optimization system to increase restaurants’ delivery capabilities by flying meals to delivery drivers for pick-up in remote landing zones. The drones are integrated with the company’s unique Algo Dispatching System, a platform that uses AI-based technology to optimize and manage the entire food preparation process from order to delivery. The drones are the latest innovation to combat delivery challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a heightened demand for delivery orders, the drones offer restaurants and ghost kitchens an opportunity to reach more consumers in suburbs and rural areas while alleviating the need for delivery drivers to remain in close proximity to restaurants. Delivery drivers can meet at the drone landing zones, ranging from parking lots to other remote destinations, where the drones will drop off strategically coordinated orders directly from the corresponding kitchen… lire l’article

First-ever remote drone delivery completed in Latvia

SpaceWar – 15.01.2021 – In December of 2020, Latvia welcomed its first-ever gift delivery completed by a drone. A parcel consisting of tablets was “shipped” with joint efforts of LMT, SPH Engineering, and DPD Latvija. The drone’s Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight was conducted entirely on the mobile network, and the flying drone used a remote ID device prototype made by LMT, as well as UgCS drone mission and route planning software by SPH Engineering. LMT’s remote ID device prototype is a drone-mounted device that enhances the drone with remote flight capabilities. The device’s SIM card provides two functionalities – remote identification and location tracking of the UAV according to the GPS signal. Combined, they offer additional security and transparency, making BVLOS flights possible… lire l’article


County of Dinwiddie awards Advexure Unmanned for Purchase of Search & Rescue Drone

sUAS News – 21.01.2021 – DINWIDDIE, VA – Advexure Unmanned Systems has been awarded a multi-year contract through an initial purchase of a DJI Matrice 300 RTK, accessories, software, training, and support services for $28,458 in a joint project between the Dinwiddie Sheriff’s Office and Dinwiddie Public Safety. According to Deputy Sheriff Charles Lucy, the drone’s primary function will be for search and rescue missions. Dinwiddie County has numerous group homes and adult living facilities where people will often walk away leading some to pass away from exposure to the cold, or getting into bodies of water. Advexure Unmanned Systems​ was selected for the purchase through a competitive bid process and has furnished Dinwiddie County with a complete drone system, camera payload, training drone for new pilot training and certification, support accessories, and training services… lire l’article

Guerre électronique 

GA-ASI Integrates Legion Pod Onto Avenger RPA

UAS weekly – 16.01.2021 –  In a recent flight test, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) integrated a Lockheed Martin Legion Pod® onto an Avenger Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) demonstrating enhanced autonomous sensing capabilities for an unmanned aircraft. Taking less than three months for the Legion Pod integration to move from concept to flight, the 90-minute captive-carry flight test verified mechanical interfaces and aerodynamics safety of flight for the aircraft. “Our flight demonstration revealed the quick reaction capabilities of the Avenger RPA,” said GA-ASI Vice President of Strategic Development J.R. Reid. “From software and hardware architecture implementation to sensor integration, the Avenger is a great platform for delivering critical capabilities.”… lire l’article


DP&L partners with senseFly and Sinclair College to build drone program and bolster enterprise utilities management

sUAS News – 21.01.2021 – Center, is employing a fleet of senseFly eBee X fixed-wing drones to improve its large-scale data collection and mapping capacity. Over a nine-month period, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will be used to inspect 4,000 miles of power transmission lines, supporting electricity delivery for the 1.25 million residents of the Dayton, Ohio region… lire l’article

Aussie composites firm quickstep agrees drone deal

Australian Aviation – 20.01.2021  – Australian carbon fibre composites manufacturer Quickstep has signed a deal with delivery service Volansi to promote drones to both the commercial and defence markets. The memorandum of understanding will also include a commitment to discuss proposals for Volansi to use Quickstep’s AeroQure manufacturing process to create drones. Quickstep employs more than 250 people across its bases at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Geelong in Victoria as well as a representative office in Houston, Texas. The business’ chief executive, Mark Burgess, said, “Expanding our presence in the unmanned sector is a key element of Quickstep’s growth strategy… lire l’article

SkyGrid and SparkCognition Deploy First AI-Powered Cybersecurity System on Drones

UAS weekly – 19.01.2020 – SparkCognition, the world’s leading industrial artificial intelligence (AI) company, and SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, today announced a new collaboration to deploy AI-powered cybersecurity directly on drones, protecting them from zero-day attacks during flight. Equipped with SparkCognition’s DeepArmor® cybersecurity product, SkyGrid is the first airspace management system to enable drone protection powered by AI. This approach provides more advanced airspace security than traditional anti-malware reliant on signatures of known threats. “In the near future, we’ll essentially have a network of flying computers in the sky, and just like the computers we use today, drones can be hacked if not secured properly,” said Amir Husain, CEO and founder of SparkCognition and SkyGrid. “In this emerging environment, traditional anti-malware technology won’t be adequate to detect these never-before-seen attacks. SkyGrid is taking a new, intelligent approach by using AI to more accurately detect and prevent cyberattacks from impacting a drone, a payload, or a ground station.”… lire l’article

Amazon Keeps Buying Pricey Jets After Promising a Drone Fleet

Bloomberg Quint – 15.01.2021 – Inc. is opening warehouses and shipping hubs in the U.S. at the rate of about one every 24 hours. The ultimate aim is to ensure that virtually every product the company sells is a van ride—and eventually a drone flight—away from customers’ homes. And yet, last week Amazon announced it was buying 11 Boeing 767-300 jets for its air-cargo division, mostly to get products to Prime subscribers. Despite creating algorithms to anticipate shoppers’ needs and opening all those warehouses, Amazon can’t meet its one- and two-day shipping pledge to customers without an ever-expanding fleet of pricey jets. That reality has become clearer since the pandemic fueled a surge in online shopping that has strained the resources of United Parcel Service Inc., FedEx Corp. and the U.S. Postal Service… lire l’article


ANRA Providing Airspace Management for Large Scale European Union Urban Air Mobility Project

UASweekly – 21.01.2021 – ANRA Technologies is pleased to announce its participation in AMU-LED, a Horizon 2020 project of the European Union framed in the SESAR Joint Undertaking, which aims to demonstrate the safe integration of cargo and passenger drone operations in urban airspace… lire l’article

R-SYS successfully deployed “mydronespace” Registration and Airspace Management service for drone pilots in Hungary

sUAS News – 21.01.2021 – The Slovak company R-SYS Ltd., Subsidiary of ERA, have successfully completed a process of development and deployment of mydronespace TM system for Hungarian Air Navigation Services HungaroControl. Two key components of the system HungaroContol’s mobile application for drone pilots and UAS operators, and the web console for supervisory authorities – together constitute a keystone providing a secure registration of drone pilots and reliable airspace management service involving UAS operation in Hungary… lire l’article

Contrôle des émissions

SkyeBase, SPH Engineering and Pergam report a use case of methane measurements with a UAV in Belgium

UAS weekly – 19.01.2021 – SkyeBase, a total inspection service provider & inspection platform developer, addressed the request from Fluxys Belgium, a gas infrastructure group headquartered in Belgium, to monitor several zones of their high pressure gas pipeline and decompression installations for methane leaks. The method proved to be safe, accurate, as well as more labor and cost effective, compared to traditional use of helicopters or ground sniffers and/or fixed sensors.   To perform the natural gas pipeline and facilities leak inspections, SkyeBase’s DJI M600 drone was equipped with Pergam-Suisse’s Falcon methane/natural gas detection laser-based sensor payload. The drone mission was planned using SPH Engineering’s UgCS software, with data being accumulated with UgCS SkyHub hardware. The detection distance was between 30 and 50 meters with a minimum measured value of 125 ppm* x m and 225 ppm x m. The device can measure methane (ch4) and gas containing methane (natural gas)… lire l’article

Transport maritime. Un drone pour contrôler les fumées d’échappement des navires

Ouest France – 17.01.2021 – À quel point le détroit du Pas-de-Calais est pollué par le trafic maritime ? C’est ce qu’a souhaité savoir la direction des affaires maritimes en menant une étude expérimentale du 23 septembre au 18 décembre 2020. Un drone renifleur a ainsi survolé la mer pour mesurer les émissions dans le panache des gaz d’échappement des cheminées des bateaux. Vérifier les taux de soufre : basé au Cross Gris-Nez, ce drone a été mis à la disposition de la France par l’Union européenne, via un partenariat avec l’Agence européenne pour la sécurité maritime (AESM)… lire l’article

R & D

Tigershark unmanned aircraft tested at U.S. Army’s premier test center

Defence Blog – 19.01.2021 – The latest edition of the Outpost newspaper has announced that Tigershark unmanned aircraft tested at Yuma Proving Ground, the U.S. Army’s premier test center. The TigerShark from Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) is a proven fixed-wing, unmanned aerial vehicle that has performed without fail through thousands of sorties. Its rugged design and low cost make it ideal for applications from UAV flight training to complex payload integration for operational uses as well as scientific research. “The autopilot in this airframe is amazing,” said Troy Rodriguez, YPG test coordinator. “It is a reliable workhorse that is very accurate when it comes to the flight profile that is programmed into it… lire l’article

Textron Systems Develops UAS Image Processing & Geospatial Data Analysis Software

UST drones – 19.01.2021 – Textron Systems, a leading developer of data analysis and image processing software for geospatial intelligence, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Platinum’ profile highlights how their solutions provide analysts with enhanced interactions with full motion video, MTI and other data sources delivering increased situational awareness and actionable intelligence. Textron Systems is the provider of the geospatial intelligence solution of choice, RemoteView™. RemoteView provides premier analytical tools and extensions to quickly enhance imagery and gain valuable perspective for essential mission planning and operational support. RemoteView has a long history of success across a broad range of users within the U.S. intelligence community, Department of Defense and across analysis directorates in 27 countries. Learn more about Textron Systems’ newest geospatial products below… lire l’article

Icarus Swarms Autonomous Swarm Concept Launched at CES 2021

Drones Today – 14.01.2021 – During CES 2021, French drone supplier Icarus Swarms revealed a brand-new UAS product targeting protection as well as emergency situation first-response markets. A business agent claims the brand-new line is “based on a pioneering technology using intelligent pathfinding algorithms and microdrones coordinated in a swarm.” Icarus authorities wish the brand-new modern technology will certainly “transform” army as well as authorities methods when replying to emergency situation circumstances by releasing throngs of approximately 50 self-governing drones… lire l’article

Mobilité aérienne

Thales, Idemia… 30 entreprises sélectionnées pour structurer la mobilité aérienne urbaine en Ile-de-France

L’Usine Digitale – 18.01.2021 – A l’issue d’un appel à manifestation d’intérêt international lancé par ADP, la RATP et Choose Paris, 30 entreprises spécialisées dans la mobilité urbaine aérienne ont été choisies pour mener des expérimentations dès juin 2021 sur l’aérodrome de Pontoise, en Ile-de-France. Des industriels, tels qu’Airbus et Dassault Aviation, comme des start-up ont été sélectionnés. Des VTOL feront des démonstrations de vols lors des Jeux Olympiques de 2024, avant le déploiement d’une offre de commercialisation en 2030. Le groupe ADP (aéroports de Paris), la RATP et Choose Paris Region viennent de révéler les lauréats de l’appel à manifestation d’intérêt international (AMI) lancé en septembre dernier. Une trentaine d’entreprises rejoignent donc Velecopter, le premier acteur qui testera son taxi volant VoloCity à l’aérodrome de Pontoise, inauguré le 30 septembre dernier… lire l’article

Le projet des taxis volants avance en Ile-de-France

Europe 1 – 18.01.2021 – Les taxis volants – des drones hélicoptères destinés au transport des particuliers -, n’ont jamais été aussi proches : les lauréats de l’appel à manifestation en Île-de-France ont été annoncés. Parmi eux, des startups mais aussi des mastodontes de l’industrie aéronautique qui doivent préparer ce service pour 2024. C’est l’un des joker de l’Île-de-France pour assurer la fluidité des transports lors des Jeux Olympiques de 2024 de Paris. Les taxis volants – des drones hélicoptères prêts à sillonner les routes aériennes – sont de plus en plus proches : les lauréats de l’appel à manifestation d’intérêt sont en effet annoncés. Europe 1 vous révèle en exclusivité les acteurs économiques qui travailleront sur ce projet… lire l’article

Patrouille maritime

Off the California coast, the US Navy tests hunting subs with an aerial drone

DefenseNews – 19.01.2021 – WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy and General Atomics in November used sonobuoys dropped from an MQ-9A Block V Reaper to track a simulated submarine target on a U.S. Navy Pacific test range, in what GA says is the first time an aerial drone has deployed a self-contained anti-submarine warfare system. The Reaper deployed a mix of 10 sonobuoys – deployed to measure water conditions and monitor for targets – then received and transmitted the data in real time to a monitoring station at Laguna Flight Operations Facility located at Yuma Proving Grounds in California… lire l’article

Leonardo Seaspray AESA Maritime Radar to be Integrated on GA-ASI SeaGuardian

UAS weekly – 18.01.2021 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) is working with Leonardo to integrate the Leonardo Seaspray 7500E V2 radar into the centerline radar pod of its MQ-9B SeaGuardian remotely-piloted aircraft system (RPAS). The integration of this market-leading radar onto the SeaGuardian will enable persistent maritime ISR and is available to our international customer base. GA-ASI’s MQ-9B is revolutionizing the long-endurance RPAS market by providing all-weather capability and compliance with STANAG-4671 (NATO airworthiness standard for Unmanned Aircraft Systems). These features, along with an operationally proven collision-avoidance radar, enables flexible operations in civil airspace. SeaGuardian has a multi-mode maritime surface-search radar with Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging mode, an Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver, and a High-Definition… lire l’article

Surveillance de zone ou de site

NOAA Awards Black Swift Technologies Contract to Develop GPS-Denied Navigation

UAS weekly – 18.01.2021 – With nearly 95,000 miles of domestic coastline, NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey faces a daunting task. Under current FAA regulations, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators are required to keep their aircraft within visual line of sight, making coastline surveys time-consuming and arduous, having to tediously map 2-mile segments at a time, and then relocate to the next operating area. To address this challenge NOAA has selected Black Swift Technologies (BST) to develop commercially viable technology enabling GPS-denied navigation of UAS—technology critical in enabling long distance, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights. “Enabling BVLOS operations in the National Airspace System is largely an issue of improved sensing,” states Jack Elston, Ph.D., CEO of Black Swift Technologies… lire l’article

FAA Approves First Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights

FAA – 15.01.2021 – American Robotics proposed to station the Scout UA in fields at pre-surveyed sites for extended durations, performing flight operations without the need to have a pilot co-located on site with the small UA. Operations under the requested exemption would only occur in Class G airspace in areas having light air traffic, in daylight visual meteorological conditions (VMC), and would be limited to 400 feet above ground level (AGL). Individual missions would occur within the boundaries of controlled access farmland (or similar rural, controlled-access environments) owned or controlled by American Robotics’ customers.
American Robotics applied for a waiver under part 107 to allow American Robotics to operate the Scout UAS beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) of the remote pilot in command (PIC). The FAA issued two waivers 107W-2019-05256 and 107W-2020-01574, both of which permit operations BVLOS but require a remote PIC on site. Neither waiver excused the remote PIC from being on site with the aircraft for the purpose of conducting a preflight assessment. As a result, American Robotics submitted a petition for exemption, as described herein… lire le communiqué

Sécurité civile

Drone checklists play a critical role in disaster response, and wind techs should adopt these practices

WindPower – 18.01.2021 – In the aftermath of a natural disaster, drones can be critical tools for first responders and recovery workers. As an eye in the sky, drones provide situational awareness that helps response teams target critical locations even when roads are blocked and areas remain dangerous. One of the largest U.S. electric and gas utilities recognizes cost and time savings to be just a few of the key benefits of using drones for tasks such as power line repair following severe wind events. During post-Hurricane Maria restoration work, Southern Company pulled 72,000 ft of rope for conductor wire using drones — a project that previously would have taken six to eight months was completed in just eight weeks… lire l’article


American Drone Company, Skyfish, Emerges from Stealth Mode

ASDNews – 18.01.2021 – Today, Skyfish announced the formal launch of their advanced autonomous work drone platform. This includes work drones, Skyfish M4 and Skyfish M6, a long-lasting battery system and a unique ruggedized remote controller.  Also, Skyfish has a partnership with Sony® and supports the Sony® Alpha series of A7 cameras including the Sony A7 iv, Sony A7 iii, Sony A7 ii, the Sony QX series, the Sony R10C, and others. During its R&D stealth mode years, Skyfish launched successful pilot programs with industry leading organizations. Skyfish is particularly proud of the work they’ve done in the cellular tower industry. “We’ve designed a state-of-the-art drone system for inspecting and scanning cell towers, and with our partner, Bentley Systems, we produce the best 3D reality model results in the world today,” said Dr. Orest Pilskalns, CEO of Skyfish… lire l’article

Inspection visuelle maritime

Global Drone Inspection To Take On Specialist Demand For Drone And ROV Services From RIMS BV

Marine Insight – 15.01.2021 – RIMS (Robotics in Maintenance Strategies) BV, an established class approved supplier of UAV inspections in the maritime industry have created Global Drone Inspection (GDI), to focus on the drone and ROV element of the business. GDI will sit alongside RIMS, but with a different service portfolio offering. GDI will provide all the services around inspections of assets by drones and ROVs, including 3D modelling, while RIMS will continue to support clients with the development and integration of new technologies within their maintenance strategies. David Knukkel, CEO, GDI & RIMS said: “With GDI, we aim to provide a centre of expertise in remote inspection technology which can be easily found by clients who need a specialist in this domain… lire l’article


Un drone à hydrogène liquide pour traverser l’Atlantique, ou le pari de Delair et de l’Isae

La Tribune – 15.01.2021 – “Le Défi Mermoz”, voilà le nom de projet associant l’Isae-Supaero et la PME toulousaine Delair. Leur ambition commune ? Concevoir un drone alimenté par de l’hydrogène liquide afin de traverser l’Atlantique sans escale, comme Jean Mermoz en 1930. Seulement, le duo doit trouver sept millions d’euros pour mener à bien ce projet et il compte ainsi sur les géants de l’aéronautique. En cas de succès de la mission, des briques technologiques pourraient être utiles dans l’optique d’un avion à zéro émission en 2035. L’union fait la force ? C’est en tout cas le choix opéré par le concepteur de drones toulousain Delair, l’un des leaders mondiaux sur le sujet, et l’Isae-Supaero, l’une des meilleures écoles au monde en matière d’ingénierie aérospatiale. Jusqu’à présent, tous deux ont fait chemin séparé sur la question de l’hydrogène, avec la DGA pour Delair et H3 Dynamics pour l’établissement de formation. Désormais, les deux acteurs du secteur aéronautique s’apprêtent à relever ensemble “le Défi Mermoz“, du nom qu’ils ont attribué à leur projet collaboratif… lire l’article



Drone de décision

Le Mamouth – 14.01.2021 – La commission nationale informatique est liberté a rendu une décision définitive le 12 janvier 2021 : elle ordonne au ministère de l’intérieur “de cesser tout vol de drone jusqu’à ce qu’un cadre normatif l’autorise”. Elle explique avoir “sanctionné le ministère de l’Intérieur pour avoir utilisé de manière illicite des drones équipés de caméras, notamment pour surveiller le respect des mesures de confinement.” Assez curieusement, le minarm, pourtant lui aussi gros utilisateur de drones n’est pas concerné par cet écrit. Le minarm utilise ses drones pour des vols d’entraînement mais reconnaît régulièrement qu’ils sont aussi utilisés sur le territoire national. Quand les préfets le demandent, mais aussi dans d’autres cas. Qui on l’a compris, pour l’instant n’intéressent pas la CNIL. Pour l’instant, quand on lit bien entre les lignes de la CNIL qu’il est important de toutes lire : “À l’issue d’une procédure de contrôle initiée en mai 2020, la formation restreinte, organe de la CNIL chargé de prononcer les sanctions, a rappelé à l’ordre le ministère de l’Intérieur pour avoir procédé à des vols de drones équipés de caméras en dehors de tout cadre légal… lire l’article

Surveillance des aires marines protégées

Australia to monitor illegal activities in marine parks in drone trial

ZDNet – 21.01.2021 – The Australian Director of National Parks is looking to run a trial to use drones to monitor, detect, and collect information about prohibited activities, such as illegal fishing operations, in marine parks. In an approach to market, the Director of National Parks, which is responsible for managing Australia’s marine parks (AMPs), said it is looking at the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology as a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods that involve using manned surveillance flights… lire l’article