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Lecture de 5 mn

Recherche et sauvetage

Des drones suisses à la rescousse

Rega drone flying in skySwiss Info – 5/12/2020 – Les secours en montagne se développent avec l’usage de drones autonomes. Une technologie de plus en plus demandée pour les opérations de recherche et de sauvetage à l’échelle mondiale. Mais les obstacles subsistent. Les services de police et d’urgence de pays comme la Grande-Bretagne, les États-Unis et l’Australie s’appuient de plus en plus sur des drones équipés de caméras thermiques et d’autres capteurs de haute technologie pour surveiller les côtes, aider à retrouver des randonneurs perdus ou même secourir des koalas pris au piège dans des tempêtes de feu… lire l’article

Relais radio

The Airbus Zephyr, Solar High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) Concludes a Successful New Test Flight Campaign in Arizona, USA

Airbus US – 3/12/2020 – Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed a new test flight campaign for its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) in Arizona. The 2020 flight campaign succeeded despite global slowdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic. It focused on aircraft agility, control and operations to build upon previous campaigns, which have already proven the day and night stratospheric persistence of the unmanned aerial system (UAS) essential in military and commercial markets. This year’s campaign held during the first three weeks of November aimed to demonstrate operational flexibility and aircraft agility, particularly testing lower altitude flying and early-stage transition to the stratosphere. It also allowed the validation of a new flight planning tool suite and the development of operational concepts through multiple, varied flights in short succession… lire l’article

Logistique terrestre

PABLO AIR succeeds in simultaneous delivery using two drones in a 50-mile circular flight

UASweekly – 6/12/2020 – The successful drone delivery of emergency medicines and everyday items from mainland Korea to nearby islands has been the subject of significant attention. The long flight followed by accurate, simultaneous delivery of items by two drones departing at the same time is expected to open up the era of drone deliveries. In a recent flight, PABLO AIR, a member company of Born2Global Centre, shipped medical supplies to two islands with two drones. The drones flew from Incheon New Port (management pier) to Yeongheungdo Island and Jawoldo Island, a roundtrip 50-mile journey, in one hour and 20 minutes… lire l’article

R & D

We love the smell of jet fuel in the morning

High Eye – 10/12/2020 – Around the High Eye headquarters, you’ll find a familiar scent…. the smell of Jet Fuel. Building upon a vast amount of testing data and experience in designing high-performance injection systems, High Eye has converted the Airboxer’s powerplant. It now runs on kerosene based fuel types, or as they are also known, heavy fuel. Preparing for commonality of fuel programs is vital to maintain the Airboxer’s leading position in the market. Running on heavy fuel, operators can use existing logistical fuel supply chains, when operating from naval… lire l’article

High-Precision Autonomous Landing System For UAVs Developed

UST Drones – 9/12/2020 – UAVLAS has developed an ultra-high precision autonomous landing system for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), designed to solve the bottlenecks in last-mile drone delivery. The system consists of a suite of sensors and software that provides a direct connection between the drone and its landing site, providing safe and accurate landing on charging stations and mailboxes even in strong winds, darkness and fog, or GPS-denied environments. The system hardware includes a ground transmitter embedded in the landing platform, and a lightweight plug-and-play onboard receiver for the drone. The software provides compatibility with leading autopilots… lire l’article

GA-ASI Completes Full-Scale Static Testing On MQ-9B SkyGuardian Wing Structure

UAS weekly – 8/12/2020 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) recently completed Full Scale Static (FSS) testing on the MQ-9B Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) wing after three months of extensive testing. MQ-9B includes SkyGuardian® and SeaGuardian ® RPA produced by GA-ASI. The testing included multiple load cases to 150 percent of expected maximum flight loads. The wing was loaded using specially designed fixtures to apply a distributed load across the wingspan – simulating gust and maneuver flight conditions – with no failures… lire l’article

This tiny drone uses an actual moth antenna to sniff out target chemicals

Tech Crunch – 7/12/2020 – If, for instance, you had one sensor that could detect toxic particles at a fraction of the concentration of that detectable by another, it would be a no-brainer to use the more sensitive of the two. On the other hand, it’s no cake walk training moths to fly toward toxic plumes of gas and report back their findings. So the team (carefully) removed a common hawk moth’s antenna and mounted it on board. By passing a light current through it the platform can monitor the antenna’s general status, which changes when it is exposed to certain chemicals — such as those a moth might want to follow, a flower’s scent perhaps… lire l’article

These 3 companies will build prototypes for the Air Force’s Skyborg drone

Defense News – 8/12/2020 – WASHINGTON — Boeing, General Atomics and Kratos will create prototypes for the Air Force’s Skyborg program and have a mere five months to build the first test vehicles of the autonomous combat drone. As part of the Skyborg program, the Air Force hopes to build a family of low-cost, attritable drones that can be reused, but are cheap enough that losses in combat can be financially and operationally tolerated. The project is meant to produce a family of uncrewed aerial systems that can move into contested spaces and conduct aerial missions… lire l’article

General Atomics Avenger Drone Flew An Autonomous Air-To-Air Mission Using An AI Brain

The Drive – 4/12/2020 – General Atomics has revealed that it conducted a semi-autonomous flight test in October involving one of its stealthy Avenger drones equipped with an « autonomy engine » originally developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and now managed by the U.S. Navy. The unmanned aircraft worked together with five other simulated Avengers to conduct a mock search for aerial threats in a designated area. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. issued a press release about the October demonstration on Dec. 4, 2020. The announcement did not say where the flight test had occurred… lire l’article 

Joby Aviation, with nearly a billion dollars in funding, promises to have its air taxis aloft by 2023.

Forbes – 23/11/2020 – oeBen Bevirt first thought about building an airplane that could take off and land like a helicopter in second grade while trudging up the 4.5-mile road to his family’s home in an off-grid hippie settlement among the redwoods in Northern California. “It was a lonnnnng hill,” Bevirt says, laughing. “It made me dream about a better way.”  Four decades later, Bevirt is closing in on that goal. On a ranch outside Santa Cruz, the surfing mecca near where he grew up, Bevirt has secretively developed an electric airplane with six tilting propellers that he says can carry a pilot and four passengers 150 miles at up to 200 miles per hour, while being quiet enough to disappear among the hum of city life… lire l’article

ISR – Relais radio

Latest Configuration of Shadow Tactical UAS Ordered by US Army

UST Drones – 5/12/2020 – The U.S. Army has ordered 36 of the new Block III configuration of Textron Systems’ Shadow tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Shadow is a proven fixed-wing UAV platform designed for battlefield use. The contract includes ongoing engineering services to continue fielding and supporting the new Block III system configuration. The upgraded Block III configuration of the Shadow incorporates a variety of design improvements, including increased ability to operate under severe weather conditions, a state-of-the-art high-definition EO/IR payload… lire l’article

The US Navy wants to find ships to kill using aerial drones launched from submarines

Defense News – 8/12/2020 – WASHINGTON – The name of the game in the Pacific is stand-off range. But with longer range torpedoes and anti-ship missiles in the arsenal, submariners are looking to a new domain to help them extend their deadly reach: The air. In an October request for information, Naval Sea Systems Command’s Submarine Combat and Weapons Control Program Office asked industry for input into a “Submarine-Launched Unmanned Aerial System,” or SLUAS, currently in development. The Navy has been interested in sub-launched drones for some time and has been testing prototypes, but the RFI shows the service is getting serious… lire l’article

Israeli Offering Could Meet U.S. Navy’s Requirements For A New Submarine Launched Drone

The Drive – 9/12/2020 – The U.S. Navy recently announced that it was interested in acquiring unmanned aircraft that its submarines could launch from the three-inch launchers they all have for deploying signal flares and marine markers. At the same time, earlier this year, an Israeli firm unveiled a line of encapsulated drones that can be deployed from 40mm infantry grenade launchers, 66mm grenade launchers on vehicles, as well as underwater launch systems. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) first posted a contracting notice for what it referred to as a Submarine-Launched Unmanned Aerial System (SLUAS) online on Oct. 30, 2020… lire l’article


Parrot, UgCS partnership augments drone mission planning, mapping

UAS weekly – 9/12/2020 – SPH Engineering, the world’s premier UgCS software developer, announced today that the Parrot ANAFI UAV platform is now compatible with UgCS. ANAFI users now have access to the program’s vast range of tools to enhance professional drone operations and streamline land surveying and mapping processes. The world’s premier UgCS (Universal ground Control Software) is a tool for enhanced UAV mission planning and data collection suitable for land surveying and industrial inspections. It is an industry-standard data acquisition instrument for professional drone pilots doing their job with a mixed multi-vendor drone fleet in large scale surveying projects. It allows to plan and fly drone survey missions to safely collect high-quality data, providing convenient technics for aerial and linear surveys and enabling direct drone control. UgCS also offers key features including custom elevation data import, terrain following mode and georeferenced video streaming… lire l’article



Russia set to patent net-catching interceptor drone

TASS – 8/12/2020 – MOSCOW, December 8. Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has registered an application for an interceptor drone capable of capturing targets with a special net, according to the document released by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property on Tuesday. The invention application has been filed by the Vektor Research Institute (part of Vega Company of Ruselectronics Group within the state tech corporation Rostec), the document says… lire l’article

Canadian Authorities Test SkyTrack

eBOM – 3/12/2020 – Canadian authorities recently conducted performance testing on the soon to be released SkyTrack system from OpenWorks. This follows the integration testing that was completed in Germany by ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, earlier this year.Canadian authorities represent the first end-users to operate the system, as they stay at the forefront of C-UAS technology. Testing SkyTrack as part of their search for the latest generation of optical UAS detection and tracking technology… lire l’article

US cyber security agency publishes best-practice defence against malicious drones

Unmanned Airspace – 8/12/2020 – A new report released by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (ISA) outlines awareness and mitigation measures for use by US federal departments and agencies to protect against malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations. “Protecting Against the Threat of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice,” has been compiled as a result of extensive collaboration within the ISC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Working Group. Topics covered in the document include… lire l’article

US defence agency selects FS-LIDS as interim counter-sUAS solution for military

Unmanned Airspace – 8/12/2020 – The Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Office (JCO) in the US has selected Fixed Site-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Integrated Defeat System (FS-LIDS) as the interim counter-sUAS solution for the US military. This comes after the US Department of Defense (DoD) established the US Army-led JCO in January to evaluate the performance of more than 40 counter-sUAS systems. The JCO recommended the FS-LIDS solution for fixed or semi-fixed mission, following which it was then reviewed and approved by the DoD. The FS-LIDS solution is equipped with SRC Technology’s AN/TPQ-50 air surveillance radar, counter-sUAS EW system and electro-optic / infrared camera. These components help the system in detecting low flying and small moving UAS targets, classify them and offer electronic defeat capabilities. According to a SRC press release, SRC’s AN/TPQ-50 air surveillance radar, counter-sUAS EW system and electro-optic/infrared camera are primary components of FS-LIDS. These systems provide accurate detection of low flying and small moving UAS targets… lire l’article

DroneShield and Squarehead partner in the counter drone space

Unmanned Airspace – 7/12/2020 – Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) company DroneShield has partnered with Squarehead, a Norwegian-based acoustic array technology company to enhance drone detection and mitigation capabilities. According to a press release, DroneShield can now offer an integrated system for C-UAS detection and mitigation, with DroneShield’s radiofrequency, radar and camera-based UAS detection and electronic warfare UAS defeat products integrated with Squarehead’s Discovair G2 direction-finding acoustic system, within DroneSentry-C2 airspace awareness, command-and-control and reporting software. This product integration of the two companies’ offerings has been completed, and the combined solution is available to customers at present. The combined system is presently undergoing test evaluation schedule with the US Department of Defense. Squarehead CEO Stig Nyvold said: “We are pleased to enter into the partnership with DroneShield in the rapidly emerging C-UAS space. C-UAS security and airspace awareness is becoming an increasing problem for  wide range of military and civilian customers, and we expect our capability to detect any drone in the near field… lire l’article

Polish military takes delivery of Poprad static and mobile counter drone equipment

Unmanned Airspace – 7/12/2020 – Counter Unmanned Aircraft Sytems (C-UAS) capability is included in the latest deliveries to Polish military forces by PIT-RADWAR. Some 24 Poprad surface-to-air missile systems have been handed off to military units all around Poland, and the Air Force training centre in Koszalin, according to Defence24. The last Poprad SAM system left the production facility at the end of November under an agreement signed with the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD, covering 79 systems with a price tag of more than PLN1 billion. Poprad systems act as the primary armament of three anti-aircraft regiments of the Polish Army. They are also operated by three air defence regiments in four brigades (15th “Giżycka” Mechanized Brigade, 21st Highland Brigade, 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade, and 19th “Lubelska Mechanized Brigade)… lire l’article

Système automatique

Prêts à monter à bord d’un drone-taxi ? 4 Français sur 10 sont pour !

Clubic – 10/12/2020 – En France, les premiers taxis volants actifs sont espérés et attendus pour les Jeux olympiques de Paris 2024. On savait les Français attachés à la science-fiction, et lorsque la réalité est en passe de rattraper la fiction, ceux-ci semblent en partie emballés. Une étude réalisée par le cabinet de conseil Carvea Consulting, dirigé par un pilote privé et passionné d’aéronautique, et le cabinet d’études Opinea, montre que 43% des Français sont prêts à monter à bord d’un drone-taxi autonome… lire l’article

Unleash the Potential of BVLOS Drone Operations with Obstacle Detection Radar

UAS weekly – 7/12/2020 – Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation is fast becoming a standard requirement in many industrial and mission-critical applications. With drone operations no longer limited by the range constraint within the remote pilot’s line of sight, unlocking BVLOS operations in autonomous drones creates new use cases and performance benefits in various applications. Industries such as disaster management, precision agriculture, law enforcement and insurance amongst others are considering BVLOS as the future for managing operations… lire l’article

Relevés 3D

SimActive Software Integrated in LiDAR Solution for Drones

UAS weekly – 9/12/2020 – Montreal, Canada, December 8 th , 2020 – SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, announces the integration of its Correlator3D™ product into LiDAR systems for drones developed by LiDAR USA. Possible configurations include two side-by-side cameras that allow matching the footprint of the LiDAR sensor, a particularly useful setup for corridor mapping. SimActive’s Correlator3D™ software is used for automatically registering the imagery with the LiDAR data. Once a perfect alignment has been achieved, the point clouds are colorized using the photos… lire l’article

RIEGL Opens New Office to Support Customers in UK and Ireland

UST Drones – 9/12/2020 – RIEGL has opened a new office in York, England to provide dedicated support for customers throughout the UK and Ireland as well as access to the full range of the company’s laser scanning products to new clients. The RIEGL UK Ltd office will primarily focus on laser scanner products for the terrestrial and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors, and will also provide an initial point of contact for airborne and mobile products into various industries. The new RIEGL UK office is headed by managing director David Foster, who is experienced in the field of laser scanning as well as in Public Safety and Forensic Investigations applications… lire l’article


ATCA Annual 2020: “We are lining up applications for local BVLOS operations” – FAA UPP2 next steps

Unmanned Airspace – 10/12/2020 – “I’m looking for something I can field sooner rather than later, and I am not going to wait for the perfect solution,” said Andy Thurling, Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) Chief Technology Officer. “I want to stand up safe and effective local BVLOS operations, and these bubbles will grow into an ecosystem.” NUAIR is working with industries including inspection, monitoring and precision agriculture to achieve this. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) selected two test sites – Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and Griffiss International Airport – for the second phase of the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management Pilot Program (UPP) in April 2020… lire l’article

Strong push for drone services as Unifly and Pen Aviation join forces

UAS weekly – 9/12/2020 – Pen Aviation Sdn Bhd announces plans to collaborate closely with Unifly – the global leader in Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology – to optimise expansion into the rapidly growing field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) anagement. Already well established in business-centric aviation management with a forte in the combination of operations and financial modelling, Pen Aviation is confident that this new partnership offers their clientele a more holistic suite of services. Pen Aviation is currently active and well represented, especially in Southeast Asia, in markets like Oil & Gas, Logistics, Transportation as well as visual surveys like Telecom Tower Inspection… lire l’article



Russia confirms usage of Kalashnikov kamikaze drone ‘KUB-BLA » in Syria

South Front – 8/12/2020 – Unmanned aerial vehicles of the Kalashnikov Concern were successfully employed during hostilities in Syria, the head of the Russian state corporation “Rostec” Sergey Chemezov said. The Russian official clarified that he was talking not only about reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, but also about combat ones.The statement of Chemezov became the first official confirmation of the usage of the KUB-BLA loitering munition in the conflict. At the same time, this fact itself is an open secret and Syrian militants regularly report strikes on their positions and vehicles by some ‘mysterious suicide drones’… lire l’article


Sécurité : le marché des drones ne connaît pas la crise

RNMPS – 8/12/2020 –  Stéphane Morelli est responsable de la conformité et des relations publiques d’Azur Drones, entreprise créée en 2012 et aujourd’hui leader européen du drone autonome. Pour Rendre notre monde + sûr, il dresse un premier état des lieux de ce marché, face à la crise sanitaire et aux prochains défis réglementaires… lire l’article

Electronic Bird Control lance E-Raptor, son drone effaroucheur d’oiseaux

La Tribune – 8/12/2020 – La société gardoise Electronic Bird Control s’apprête à commercialiser un drone d’effarouchement autonome, capable de reproduire les mouvements d’un rapace en action de chasse. Cette innovation pourrait séduire les exploitants de centrales photovoltaïques, les aéroports ou encore les sites d’enfouissement des déchets. Avec son bec noir et sa large voilure, le drone E-Raptor semble plus vrai que nature. Directement inspiré du faucon pèlerin, il reproduit avec la même portance et la même finesse, les trajectoires du rapace en chasse. Léger, d’une autonomie de 15 à 20 minutes, il pourra voler jusqu’à 80 km/h, avec une caméra intégrée sur son corps (en option) permettant d’être au plus proche de l’action. Véritable prouesse technologique, ce drone a été conçu par l’ingénieur François Lorrain, cofondateur associé de la start-up Electronic Bird Control (EBC), créée en 2019 et basée à Caveirac (30)… lire l’article


Surveillance du narcotrafic

Gendarmerie : des drones utilisés dans la traque au zamal

IMAZ Press – 10/12/2020 – Engagée dans la lutte contre le trafic de stupéfiants, la gendarmerie de La Réunion « utilise tous les moyens à sa disposition pour localiser les plantations » annonce-t-elle dans un post Facebook ce jeudi 10 décembre 2020. Sur la photographie partagée, on voit deux gendarmes au milieu de plant de zamal, avec un drone survolant la zone. Une publication qui a provoqué des réactions contrastées, entre ceux louant leurs actions et d’autres dénonçant une lutte qui coûte « une fortune au peuple pour pas grand chose »… lire l’article

Ressources humaines

Navy creates program for specialists to operate MQ-25 Stingray drone

Space War – 9/12/2020 – A U.S. Navy warrant officer specialty for Aerial Vehicle Operators was announced this week, with plans to train about 450 personnel for the designation. The AVO warrant officer will be charged with operating MQ-25 Stingray unmanned aerial vehicles, which are typically launched from maritime vessels. The aircraft will be included aboard fleet carrier airwings in 2024, the Navy said Wednesday in a statement… lire l’article



Russian journalists illegally filming Turkish drone production center detained

Daily Sabah – 4/12/2020 – wo Russian journalists from NTV media outlet were detained Friday by Istanbul police after illegally filming near drone production facilities, security sources confirmed to Daily Sabah. The illegal filming was carried out near the facilities of Turkey’s leading private drone manufacturer Baykar, sources said. “The Istanbul Police Department detained two Russian nationals (I.M. and A.P.)… lire l’article

Surveillance de zone ou de site

Confinement: la police belge compte déployer des drones pour surveiller les fêtes de fin d’année

La VDN – 10/12/2020 – Des caméras thermiques et des mégaphones pourront être fixées sur les appareils volants. La zone de police qui couvre la Flandre va déployer des drones pendant la période des fêtes de fin d’année pour s’assurer du respect de l’interdiction des feux d’artifice et des mesures sanitaires, selon une information communiquée mercredi par VTM Nieuws et confirmée auprès de l’agence de presse Belga. La zone de police Carma avait déjà fait usage de drones l’année passée pour détecter des feux d’artifice illégaux pendant la période des fêtes de fin d’année. Ces appareils avaient également été déployés au cours du printemps dernier pour surveiller le respect des mesures sanitaires en vigueur pour lutter contre la propagation du coronavirus… lire l’article

Easy Aerial Launches Albatross Multi Payload Tethered Drone Surveillance System

UAS weekly – 9/12/2020 – Easy Aerial, a leading provider of autonomous drone-based monitoring solutions for commercial, government, and military applications, today announced the launch of the Albatross drone. The newest addition to the company’s rapidly expanding portfolio of tethered Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS-T), the Albatross offers users a robust and highly flexible autonomous drone solution with unlimited flight time and an unbreachable data connection. A reliable eye in the sky, the Albatross hexacopter is the most versatile and secure system in its class. Boasting a large 8.5lb payload capacity, the Albatross is ideal for extremely long overwatch or surveillance flights carrying multiple payloads in harsh weather conditions… lire l’article

Sky Drone joins the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program

UAS weekly – 9/12/2020 – Sky Drone’s 4G/5G connected drone technology is now leveraging NVIDIA’s global leadership in artificial intelligence processing.  “Leveraging NVIDIA AI processing combined with our collaboration with China Mobile HK on 5G connected drones, we are now ready to handle rapid AI processing of data coming from a drone in mid-air and reacting on it in real-time.” said Boris Boege, CEO of Sky Drone. “This is a game changer for truly useful connected drones flying BVLOS.”  Sky Drone specializes in drone connectivity technology and has been the leader of 4G/LTE connection devices for drones for the past few years. Its recent partnership with Germany’s Droniq (joint venture of German Air Traffic control and Deutsche Telekom) is proof of the importance of connected drones in the public airspace… lire l’article

Newcastle Airport latest UK airport to install Dedrone drone detection technology

Unmanned Airspace –  8/12/2020 – Newcastle Airport now has the visibility to detect drones and therefore build a comprehensive set of response protocols to safeguard its passengers from this emerging threat, according to a case study by drone detection company Dedrone. The airport is the latest UK airport to install Dedrone’s CPNI-approved detection technology to safeguard its passengers and operations against unwanted drones. The equipment informs the airport about drone activity surrounding its airfield including the average flight time, frequent times of the day when drones appear, and information to locate drones. The airport now has a standard response protocol in the event there is a drone incursion. With this situational awareness, Newcastle Airport can prepare for and rehearse their drone intervention response and prevent disruption should a drone approach the critical operational area, says Dedrone… lire l’article

Announcing VESPER & Vision GCS: Vantage’s Next Generation Elite Small Drone

UAS weekly – 8/12/2020 – Introducing VESPER: a new military-grade small drone that is designed, sourced and built in the United States.  This 690 gram quadcopter exceeds the specifications of the most elite federal security leaders and is, for the first time ever, now available for direct purchase on the Vantage Robotics website. What is VESPER?  Vesper is a complete aerial reconnaissance system built upon user-centered design criteria obtained from military leaders, experienced operators, elite special forces, industry veterans, and DoD security experts.  These respected leaders helped the Vantage team thoughtfully develop Vesper and Vision Ground Control Station and informed the foundations of the design – specifically… lire l’article

AirData and Autel Integration and Partnership – 4/12/2020 – Today, AirData UAV and Autel Enterprise Robotics are announcing a new partnership specially tailored to meet the needs of Autel Pilots across the USA: Autel EVO II users will receive a one-month free trial of AirData Enterprise fleet management software. Now optimized for all Autel Evo II camera models, by utilizing AirData, Autel pilots can reduce the risk in flying and managing Autel Evo II drones and fleets. AirData brings advanced fleet management functionality integrated with the Autel ecosystem, including pilot and flight data logging and analysis, compliance management, maintenance tracking, and crash prevention information, as well as increasing flight efficiency for better and safer drone operations… lire l’article

JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman Provides Update on Drone First-Response Effectiveness

JEMS – 7/12/2020 – The most advanced drone first response system in the United States, operated by the Chula Vista (CA) Police Department, should be followed and mimicked by EMS, police and law enforcement agencies around the country. They have been pioneers in this space, overcoming federal and logistic obstacles for two years.  I have visited and followed this system 30 miles from my home. Chula Vista police respond to as many as 15 emergency calls a shift with a drone, launching more than 4,100 flights since the program began two years ago, according to the New York Times… lire l’article

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