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Lecture de 5 mn

Diagnostic Post-crise – Cartographie 2D & 3D

WingtraOne Drone Deployed for Wildfire Damage Assessment

UST Drones – 1/12/2020 – Wingtra’s WingtraOne VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) mapping UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) has been deployed by the Lafayette City Police Department in California, in order to collect aerial data that was used to create 2D and 3D maps for assessing the extent of wildfire damage in the region. One particular recent wildfire, known as the the CZU lightning complex fire, destroyed 86,509 acres (35,009 ha) and nearly 1500 structures across four communities and two state parks, necessitating a massive evacuation of the area. The WingtraOne drone was selected to help assess the damage due to its high-resolution imaging, the ability to cover a large area in a short time, and its custom elevation terrain following feature… lire l’article


FLIR Systems Acquires Altavian, Inc.

UASweekly – 2/12/2020 – FLIR Systems, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Altavian, Inc., a privately-held manufacturer of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for defense and public safety customers. Altavian’s airframes integrate multiple sensors, including FLIR thermal technology, to provide users with decision support and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capability. Based in Gainesville, Florida and founded in 2011, Altavian designs and manufacturers Group 1 UAS solutions for long or short-range operations. With both quadcopter and fixed-wing UAS designs, Altavian’s expertise includes aeronautics, avionics, and software, and its solutions are engineered around an open system architecture aligned to the needs of government and defense customers… lire l’article


Créée il y a deux ans, l’Agence d’innovation de défense est-elle un grand flop ?

Challenges – 2/12/2020 – Nom de code : Brain. Présenté en avril 2019 au salon Sofins, le grand raout des forces spéciales organisé sur le camp de Souge (Gironde), ce drone unique au monde avait impressionné industriels et opérationnels. Développé par la start-up bordelaise Robotics Industry avec le soutien de Thales et du 13e régiment de Dragons parachutistes (13e RDP), cet engin multi-milieux peut être doté, au choix, de rotors pour en faire un drone de reconnaissance, de roues pour en faire un drone terrestre… lire l’article

Système autonome de surveillance

New Versions of Auterion Enterprise PX4 & Mission Control Released

UST Drones – 3/12/2020 – Auterion has released new versions of its Auterion Enterprise PX4 drone operating system and control software and Auterion Mission Control ground control software. The new releases of both software platforms are focused on simplifying operator workflow when performing missions… lire l’article

Traitement de construction

Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole : son drone traite les toitures

La Nouvelle République – 4/12/2020 – Une intervention rapide pour le traitement des toitures, sans risque de chutes, c’est désormais possible grâce au drone de Jérôme Munoz. En novembre 2016, Jérôme Munoz monte sa micro-entreprise, JM Drone, mais il est toujours salarié et n’arrive pas à lui consacrer le temps nécessaire pour la développer. Il quitte alors son travail et met en place une plateforme technique pour le traitement des toitures et des façades, mais aussi pour la désinsectisation grâce à son drone… lire l’article


Israël: un drone du Hezbollah aurait espionné un exercice militaire de Tsahal (médias)

I24News – 3/12/2020 – Tsahal a organisé en octobre dernier un entrainement de grande ampleur, baptisé « Flèche fatale ». Un drone appartenant au groupe terroriste Hezbollah se serait infiltré en Israël le mois dernier, espionnant ainsi un exercice militaire mené par l’armée dans le nord du pays, ont rapporté jeudi les médias libanais… lire l’article

Ghost 4 is a Multi-Function Vertical take-off landing (VTOL) small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS)

Airforce technology – 1/12/2020 – Ghost 4 is a new autonomous vertical take-off landing (VTOL) small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) developed by Anduril Industries, a defence artificial intelligence and autonomous solutions provider. The sUAS is designed to serve the needs of military customers. It has the capability to provide real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) which can create a common operating picture. The multi mission drone is capable of performing various missions including cargo delivery, counter intrusion, signals intelligence and electronic warfare… lire l’article

SpearUAV has Successfully Demonstrated its Ninox 40 Hand-Held to Military Forces and Law Enforcements Agencies in the US

EDR – 1/12/2020 – SpearUAV – developers and suppliers of unique UAS solutions for defense and HLS applications – successfully demonstrated its leading encapsulated drone system, the Ninox 40 Hand-Held, to the Department of Defense (DOD), in the presence of representatives from the U.S. Army (Army), U.S. Navy (USN), U.S. Marines (USMC), and the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM); the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and the Department of Justice (DOJ)… lire l’article

Chinese arms firm ready to deliver indigenous helicopter drones

GlobalTimes.cn – 29/11/2020 – As a top Chinese arms firm was recently cleared to deliver its made-for-export multipurpose helicopter drone system, which can conduct missions including reconnaissance, communication relay and battle damage assessment at a long endurance, analysts referred to it on Sunday as a good partner for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery. Developed by the state-owned China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO), the CR500 Golden Eagle unmanned helicopter system recently passed final inspections for delivery, the company said in a statement released in its WeChat account on Friday… lire l’article

GA-ASI Delivers Final MQ-9A Block 5 RPA to Spain

UASweekly – 30/11/2020 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) delivered the final two MQ-9A Block 5 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and a Ground Control Station (GCS) to the Spanish Air Force (SpAF) on Nov. 23, 2020, completing a Foreign Military Sales acquisition of four aircraft and three GCSs. The new MQ-9s will be operated by the 233rd Squadron at Talavera la Real Air Base near Badajoz, Spain… lire la suite

Logistique médicale

Flirtey Partners with Vault Health for Drone Delivery of COVID-19 Test Kits

UASweekly – 1/12/2020 – Flirtey, the pioneer of the commercial drone delivery industry, and Vault Health, the pioneer of supervised COVID-19 testing, today announced a partnership to test drone delivery of the first FDA authorized saliva test for COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread, with more than 250,000 deaths and more than 11,000,000 cases in the United States, according to the CDC. Vault Health distributes a COVID-19 saliva test kit that can be used at home under supervision from a health professional through video call. Using Flirtey’s drones to deliver the test kits to homes will eliminate exposure risks and create further convenience, especially for those who do not live in proximity to on-site testing locations… lire l’article

Drones to fight fires and deliver COVID-19 supplies are first to receive share of over £33 million government funding

Gov UK – 9/11/2020 – Innovative projects harnessing the latest technology to support the fight against COVID-19 and other challenges like climate change, while creating hundreds of jobs across the country, have been backed by government investment, Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi has announced today (9 November 2020). lire l’article

Logistique terrestre

Ghana: des drones pour livrer des marchandises

Africa RDV – 3/12/2020 – Le Ghana travaille à déployer des drones pour la circulation rapide des marchandises dans le pays. Un protocole d’accord se reposant sur un plan triennal, est signé à cet effet entre le ministère ghanéen de l’aviation et l’organisation internationale des drones de fret (IFD). IFD devrait déployer des drones de fret capables de transporter 10 tonnes de conteneurs maritimes sur 700 km et construire des ports de drone dans diverses régions du pays… lire l’article

Inspired Flight Selects European Distributor for Heavy-Lift Drones

UST Drones – 2/12/2020 – Inspired Flight has partnered with commercial robotics and drone technology provider Level Five Supplies as the company expands into the European market. Level Five will distribute Inspired Flight’s entire product line of professional heavy-lift UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), including the IF1200 hexacopter, the IF1000 hexacopter, and the IF750 quadcopter. … lire l’article

DDC announces letter of intent with drones express inc. for condor project

UASweekly – 1/12/2020 – Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to announce that, with the assistance of its sales agent Air Canada (TSX: AC), it has executed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”), effective November 23rd, 2020, with Drones Express Inc. (“DEI”), for an expected multi-year, multi-route, Condor project in Quebec. Under the terms of the LOI, the parties are cooperating to work towards a binding definitive agreement (the “Agreement”). The Agreement will set out the terms and conditions respecting a drone delivery solution using multiple DDC Condor drones, and the Company’s proprietary DroneSpotTM depots… lire l’article

Will the physics add up for near-silent, ion-propelled cargo drones?

This flying pallet design shows what ion-propelled delivery drones might look like, flying near-silently through urban areas with no moving partsNew Atlas – 22/11/2020 – Florida’s Undefined Technologies claims it has managed to increase the thrust levels of ion propulsion systems to « unprecedented levels » with its « Air Tantrum » technology, enabling very quiet drones with no moving parts in the propulsion system, that look like flying pallets. All aircraft propulsion systems provide thrust by moving air or another propellant, and for the vast majority of drones that means some kind of fan or propeller spinning angled blades to push air through and create thrust in the opposite direction. Ionic propulsion, on the other hand… lire l’article


[Webinar] Live Demo DJI M300 tethered to our Ligh-T 4 Station


Elistair – 3 Sessions are available, when you register make sure to select the one you prefer. During this demonstration, we will showcase how the DJI M300 UAV can be tethered to our LIGH-T 4 station and benefit from extended flight endurance. See the full set up and deployment of this powerful combination and ask all your questions in live to a team of experts. Course of the demonstration – 40 minutes

  • Presentation of the LIGH-T 4 compact tethered drone station
  • Connection to the DJI M300 UAV
  • Takeoff and flight 
  • Presentation of T-monitor flight monitoring application
  • Zoom on highway and surroundings with the DJI Zenmuse H20 camera
  • Questions / answers through the live chat
  • Landing

Gremsy Introduces Integration Kit for Phase One iXM Cameras & M600 Drones

UST Drones – 2/12/2020 – Gremsy has launched a new integration kit that enables plug-and-play connectivity between Phase One’s iXM series of professional high-resolution UAV aerial imaging cameras and DJI’s M600 series of drones. The kit allows the drone and camera to be connected via a Gremsy gimbal and set up in seconds, with no dangling cables. The convenient and robust integration ensures smooth signal transmission even in challenging operating conditions… lire l’article

Surveillance de l’immigration illicite

VIDEO. Royaume-Uni : des drones pour repérer les embarcations clandestines

La Marine fait voler le drone AR5 Tekever en MéditerranéeFrance tv info – 29/11/2020 -Les drones de l’armée britannique utilisés pour repérer les migrants en mer peuvent voler pendant 17 heures consécutives. Ils ont été conçus pour des terrains de guerre, mais désormais, leurs caméras filment les bateaux clandestins. Les appareils sont contrôlés depuis un aéroport du sud de l’Angleterre. Peu coûteux en essence et en main d’œuvre, ils ont démultiplié depuis juin les capacités de surveillance… lire l’article

R & D

Aevum unveils smallsat-launching drone aircraft

Space News – 3/12/2020 – Small launch startup Aevum on Dec. 3 unveiled its Ravn X vehicle, a reusable drone aircraft and rocket combination designed to launch small payloads to orbit. Ravn X has been years in development. Aevum, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is positioning Ravn X to compete in the increasingly crowded small launch market, promising fast-response service enabled by an autonomous aircraft that can take off from any mile-long runway. “This is the first time we’re showing the full vehicle, all three stages,” Aevum founder and CEO Jay Skylus told SpaceNews… lire l’article

Innovation : une start-up lyonnaise invente le drone « sans risque de chute » pour les piétons ou les spectateurs

NeoZone – 2/12/2020 – Lorsque vous apercevez des images aériennes, lors de Grand Prix de Formule 1 ou de courses cyclistes, elles étaient prises par hélicoptère mais le sont de plus en plus par drones. Le problème des drones est qu’ils ne sont pas à l’abri d’une chute inopinée. Pour palier le problème, une entreprise lyonnaise vient d’inventer le « premier objet volant sans risque de chute » ! Son nom : Hyperion Seven comme l’entreprise qui le fabrique. Déjà agréé par la Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC), Olivier Nier, son créateur, espère pouvoir retransmettre des événements sportifs dès l’année prochaine… lire l’article

Boeing Completes Autonomous Teaming Test Flights

UST Drones – 3/12/2020 – Boeing has completed a series of flight tests with five autonomously-operating high-performance surrogate jets using artificial intelligence to work together as a team. The 3.4-meter (11-foot) UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) used Boeing’s advanced autonomy technology, including on-board command and control and data sharing capabilities. The flight tests were performed at the new Queensland Flight Test Range in Cloncurry, Australia… lire l’article

NAWCAD AIRWorks selects L3Harris for UAS demonstration Phase II

Naval Technology – 2/12/2020 – The US Navy’s Naval Air Warfare Center Air Division (NAWCAD) AIRWorks has chosen L3Harris Technologies for the second phase of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) demonstration. Phase II involves identifying and assessing UASs that can be fielded in harsh environments without the need for any extra support systems. The selection was made in partnership with IMPAX, and L3Harris is one of two teams that will take part in the demonstration in Yuma, Arizona, for three weeks… lire l’article

Le drone VSR700 achève des essais sur plateforme mobile

Mer et Marine – Alors que les premiers embarquements sur des bâtiments de la Marine nationale, initialement prévus fin 2021, sont repoussés en raison des retards liés à la crise sanitaire, le VSR700 a achevé la semaine dernière ses essais sur une plateforme mobile. Cela, en mode autonome grâce à ses capteurs et aux systèmes automatiques de pilotage et de conduite des manœuvres d’approche, d’appontage et de décollage. Une campagne menée avec succès, annonce Airbus Helicopters, qui s’est déroulée aux Milles, près d’Aix-en-Provence… lire l’article

Toulouse. Delair et l’Isae-Supaero développent un drone à hydrogène

Touléco – 1/12/2020 – Conçu par Delair et l’Isae-Supaero, le drone Mermoz, à hydrogène liquide, pose les jalons de l’aviation bas-carbone de demain. Un démonstrateur sera testé fin 2021 sur la route aérienne légendaire des pionniers de l’Aéropostale, reliant le Sénégal au Brésil. Les drones d’aujourd’hui sont les avions de demain augurent bon nombre d’experts aéronautiques. Quoi de mieux, en effet, que de tester des ruptures technologiques sur des vols sans pilote ni passager avant de les transposer aux avions de ligne… lire l’article

Next-generation drones could learn from bumblebees’ amazing flight

UNSW CANBERRA – 24/11/2020 – An international study, led by researchers from UNSW Canberra, has discovered the secret of bumblebees’ self-aware dexterous flight – with potential applications for the next generation of drones and autonomous vehicles. Research lead author, Dr Sridhar Ravi, studied how bumblebees navigated through a tunnel with a series of gates featuring different-sized holes. The bees were able to successfully fly through the apertures, thanks to a remarkable sense of their own size and a detailed perception of the obstacles’ openings… lire la suite

Surveillance de zone ou de site

Drones. Le Ministère de la Justice choisit ATM Group Sécurité

PSM – 2/12/2020 – ATM Group Sécurité, filiale de Delta Drone, a été retenu par le Ministère de la Justice à l’issue d’un appel d’offres public portant notamment sur la gestion de la sécurité de dix tribunaux situés en Rhône-Alpes. Montant du contrat d’une durée de quatre ans : environ 1,5 million d’euros. Né de sa fusion avec Aer’Ness Security, ATM Group Sécurité constitue aujourd’hui la principale entité du « pôle sécurité privée traditionnelle » au sein de la banche « services associés » du Groupe Delta Drone. Avec pour objectif : s’inscrire dans la stratégie de « dronification » du secteur de la sécurité, qui… lire l’article

Atmos UAV partners with Topcon positioning group

UASweekly – 2/12/2020 – Atmos UAV, the fast-growing Dutch drone manufacturer that develops high-end VTOL fixed-wing drones for surveying and mapping applications, has now formed a new partnership with Topcon towards a base station free era. An industry leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of precision measurement and workflow solutions, Topcon has developed and optimized over the last years its own GNNS RTK Reference Network, TopNETlive, which will now be available with every Marlyn unit. TopNETlive is an innovative and flexible subscription-based solution that offers real-time GNSS corrections. Designed to meet the unique needs of its users, the platform provides a wide range of subscription services such as Network RTK, RTK, DGNSS, and Agriculture-specific GNSS… lire l’article

Innovation : l’administration utilise drones et IA pour lutter contre la cabanisation

La Tribune – 1/12/2020 – Faire tourner des drones et utiliser l’intelligence artificielle pour faire de la vigilance territoriale et repérer (et lutter contre) des constructions illégales, des décharges sauvages, des épaves de bateaux, ou encore pour assurer le suivi de zones inondées ou incendiées. La Direction départementale des territoires et de la mer de l’Hérault met l’innovation au service de ses métiers pour détecter les contrevenants. Une sorte de « regard augmenté » de l’administration… Il va devenir de plus en plus difficile d’échapper à la loi et au « regard augmenté » des administrations décentralisées de l’Etat qui désormais, utilisent des moyens inédits pour améliorer l’efficience de leurs missions… lire l’article

Helikite Tactical Aerostat Provided to Defense Program

UST Drones – 30/11/2020 – Carolina Unmanned Vehicles (CUV) has successfully completed delivery of two 45 cubic meter (45M3) model Allsopp Helikite aerostats to support a defense developmental program. The aerostats will be used to lift various electronic system to altitude. Helikites are particularly well suited for this due to their inherent stability and ability to operate in high winds, exceeding most other aerostats. lire l’article

Ziyan Develops High-Performance Electric Unmanned Helicopters & Avionics

UST Drones – 26/11/2020 – Ziyan UAS, a leading manufacturer of electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian, industrial and defense applications, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Gold’ profile highlights how their proprietary drone platforms and avionics can be used in a wide range of industries and sectors including security, oil and gas, wind and solar energy, and naval and military. lire l’article


DroneShield Releases Next Edition of C-UAS Factbook

Soldier Systems – 3/12/2020 – DroneShield’s C-UAS Factbook is now in its 5th edition, providing an overview of available C-UAS technologies, and merits of each approach. The C-UAS Factbook can be downloaded here.

Dedrone, Vodafone and Amazon Web Services develop 4G/5G counter-UAS system

Unmanned Airspace – 2/12/2020 – Dedrone, Vodafone and Amazon Web Services have announced a partnership to provide airspace security for critical infrastructure. Sites of critical importance, including airports, stadiums, correctional facilities, energy facilities, corporate headquarters, government buildings, and military installations, now can seamlessly upgrade their security programmes with Vodafone Business and Dedrone, says the consortium. “By using Vodafone Business’s Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) solution, organizations can accelerate the delivery of Dedrone’s counter-drone solution… lire l’article 

Près de Toulouse. Hélico, troupes au sol… : pourquoi la gendarmerie traque un insaisissable drone

Actu Toulouse – 1/12/2020 – Dans un contexte national marqué depuis plusieurs mois par une vague de mutilations de chevaux, la situation autour de la forêt de Bouconne intrigue. Dans ce secteur situé à une trentaine de kilomètres au nord-ouest de Toulouse, les centres équestres (au sens large du terme) pullulent. Et depuis la mi-novembre 2020, la présence nocturne et régulière d’un drone aux proportions conséquentes inquiète une population très tendue par les récents événements. « C’est un appareil qui mesure environ un mètre d’envergure. Il est vraiment grand », indique à Actu Toulouse, un témoin visuel du phénomène. Des gendarmes aussi l’auraient aperçus… lire l’article

European Union’s defense arm urges work on common counter-drone weapon

Defense News – 30/11/2020 – COLOGNE, Germany — The European Defence Agency has completed its first-ever deep dive into member nations’ defense plans, recommending that the bloc invest in six capabilities, including weaponry for fighting aerial drones. The finding is wrapped up in the agency’s “Coordinated Annual Review on Defence” submitted to defense ministers Nov. 20. The report represents the first time analysts went through national defense programs in search of gaps in the European Union’s overall military capability… lire la suite

US Air Force Selects New Radar-Based Counter-Drone System

UST Drones – 28/11/2020 – The United States Air Force (USAF) has acquired a CUAS (counter-unmanned aerial systems) radar system from Black Sage that will provide precise targeting data for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder (THOR). THOR is a counter-swarm electromagnetic weapon developed to defend airbases from threats such as rogue drones, using High Power Microwaves (HPM) to cause a counter electronic effect and instantly defeat targets. lire l’article

Relevés de volumétrie

New Version of LiDAR Georeferencing Software Released

UST Drones – 30/11/2020 – OxTS has released a new version of its LiDAR georeferencing software, OxTS Georeferencer, which combines inertial data from the company’s inertial navigation systems with raw LiDAR data to give surveyors the ability to create georeferenced pointclouds. This new release adds support for a much broader range of LiDAR sensors, and also allows users to estimate and analyse the accuracy of their pointclouds, providing a greater understanding of data quality and the ability to easily identify areas for improvement… lire la suite

Teledyne Optech Opens New European Service Center

UST Drones – 30/11/2020 – Teledyne Optech has opened a new customer service center dedicated to servicing equipment purchased by the company’s European customers. Teledyne Optech develops advanced LiDAR scanning sensors for survey-grade UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial mapping, surveying and inspections, and its products are widely selected by OEMs and system integrators of drone platforms. The new service center is located in the Netherlands, and will act as a hub for the servicing of airborne, mobile and static 3D sensors, augmenting Teledyne Optech’s existing in-field service and providing quick turnaround on repairs… lire la suite

Relevés Topographiques

Topcon Partners with Hybrid Mapping Drone Manufacturer

UST Drones – 26/11/2020 – Topcon has entered into partnership with Atmos UAV, a Dutch manufacturer of hybrid VTOL/fixed-wing drones for mapping and surveying. Topcon’s TopNETlive GNSS RTK reference network will now be available with every Atmos Marlyn drone. TopNETlive is a flexible subscription-based solution that provides real-time GNSS corrections via services such as Network RTK, RTK, DGNSS, and agriculture-specific GNSS. Managed and operated by Topcon geodesy teams, and incorporating multiple stations for redundancy, TopNETlive… lire l’article


Comment le Français Drone Volt veut s’imposer dans l’inspection de lignes électriques grâce à un partenariat avec l’EDF québécois

L’Usine Digitale – 2/12/2020 – Le fabricant de drones français Drone Volt vient de s’associer avec Hydro-Québec, le plus grand producteur d’électricité au Canada, pour développer et commercialiser un modèle unique en son genre, avec pour ambition l’inspection des réseaux électriques du monde entier. Reportage sur place… lire l’article


See how drone helps pull wires in N. China

CGTN – 22/11/2020 – A drone was used to lift a high-voltage wire in Yuncheng, a city in north China’s Shanxi Province. One end of the wire was already fixed to a transmission tower. The drone’s mission was to bring the other end to a separate tower, located in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. The drone flew about 1 kilometer across the Yellow River to complete the task. The job was part of a larger project connecting power lines between the provinces of Shaanxi and Hubei… lire la suite


New York UAS Test Site Completes Advanced Drone Operations for FAA Drone Integration Program

UAScentral – 2/12/2020 – (ROME, NY) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced two new participants for phase two of the unmanned aircraft traffic management pilot program (UPP) – The New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY and Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership in Blacksburg, Va. UPP Phase 2 will showcase capabilities and services that support high-density unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drone operations, including remote identification services and public safety operations. Data collected from UPP Phase 2 tests will help inform a cross-agency unmanned traffic management (UTM) system implementation plan… lire l’article

Drone Harmony Selects Altitude Angel as Global Map Data Provider

UASweekly – 3/12/2020 – ANRA Technologies, a leader in UAS Traffic Management (UTM), today launched SmartSkiesTM DroneID in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI) to remotely identify drones in Switzerland. Approved by the Swiss government, SmartSkies DroneIDTM provides appropriate levels of access to drone information based on user permissions with just a few clicks… lire l’article

Unmanned Airspace – 30/11/2020 – Software company Drone Harmony has chosen to embed Altitude Angel data in its flight mapping solutions. Drone Harmony’s data capture platform is designed to enable enterprises to capture quality data of infrastructure assets. The company will draw on Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM system for accurate, real-time, and relevant geospatial data. Drone Harmony‘s 3D data capture platform consists of fully integrated mobile and web applications and cloud service. It is designed to be globally deployable… lire la suite

Traitement phytosanitaire

Un drone solaire permet aux agriculteurs de limiter leur utilisation de pesticides

Made in Marseille – 3/12/2020 – Alors que des études démontrent que certains pesticides ont des effets néfastes sur la santé, ils sont toujours utilisés dans l’agriculture en France. Encadrés par des réglementations changeantes, ils ne possèdent à ce jour pas d’alternative durable. Le drone solaire de la start-up Abelio aide à limiter leur utilisation au strict nécessaire. Les effets des pesticides sur la santé et l’environnement font couler beaucoup d’encre depuis de nombreuses années. Avec 65 000 tonnes de pesticides utilisées tous les ans en France, selon GreenPeace, le pays est l’un des principaux consommateurs au monde. Et à sa tête, le Vaucluse, à Cavaillon plus exactement… lire l’article

With Initial Funding, Rantizo Poised to Expand Its Agricultural Spraying Drone Network in U.S.

Precision AG – 1/12/2020 – Agricultural technology company Rantizo has announced it has raised $7.5 million in series A funding led by Leaps by Bayer and several premiere ag tech investors and strategic partners including: Fall Line Capital, Innova Memphis, Lewis & Clark Ventures, KZValve, and Sukup Manufacturing. Additional participants in the round include ISA Ventures, AgVentures Alliance and other angels, which… lire l’article

Recherche scientifique

First aerial drone-dipping sensors take off  

Environmental Technology – 26/11/2020 – A cutting-edge new system for autonomous airborne hydrographic survey has been launched by THURN Group. The THURN QuickDipTM system of data collection uses aerial drones to carry Valeport sensors on pre-planned survey routes to deliver an efficient and repeatable method of gathering highly accurate survey data from inaccessible or dangerous waters. UK-based THURN Group developed… lire la suite

International Project ABOVE Monitors Volcano Activity

Deep Carbon Observatory – 30/11/2020 –  This project uses innovative Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies (drones with miniaturized gas-sampling equipment) to collect volcanic gas measurements at Manam and Rabaul volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. These volcanoes are actively degassing, but little is known about them because their plumes are difficult to access using ground-based techniques. lire l’article


UAE gave Yemen’s separatists unmanned drones: official

The New Arab – 21/11/2020 – The United Arab Emirates has armed southern separatists with unmanned drones, officials from Yemen’s intentionally-recognised government said. The drones were allegedly shot down by government forces amid ongoing battles in Abyan, Mukhtar Al-Rahbi, the advisor to the minister of information said on Twitter. « These aircraft were delivered to the militias by the United Arab Emirates that is proficient in targeting the army and the people of Yemen… lire l’article

Sukhoi S-70 combat drone tested with missiles

AeroTime – 2/12/2020 – The Russian military conducted a series of interceptions with the heavy attack drone S-70 Okhotnik (“Hunter”), including simulated use of air-to-air missiles. The flight tests carried out by the Russian military evaluated the capacity of the Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik (“Hunter”) to operate as a fighter-interceptor, according to an industry source quoted by RIA Novosti. The campaign took place at the Ashuluk training ground, near the Caspian sea. “From the strip of the military airfield of the Center for Combat Training and Combat Use of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Ashuluk training ground, several flights of the Hunter were performed with functional simulators of guided air-to-air missiles, » the source told the agency… lire l’article 

Un haut commandant iranien tué dans une frappe de drone sur sa voiture près de la frontière irako-syrienne – rapports

News 24 – 20/11/2020 – Un haut commandant du Corps des gardiens de la révolution islamique a été tué dans une frappe de drone près de la frontière syro-irakienne dimanche soir, selon des informations, deux jours seulement après l’assassinat du plus grand scientifique nucléaire iranien. Le commandant du CGRI et trois de ses escortes seraient décédés après que sa voiture a été heurtée par un véhicule aérien sans pilote près de la frontière, selon plusieurs médias citant des responsables irakiens. La frappe de drone aurait visé le commandant supérieur après son entrée en Syrie via le poste frontière d’Al Qaim depuis l’Irak… lire l’article

Utilisation de drones armés pour des « assassinats » ciblés

UN – 15/08/2020 – The Caucasus descended into “drone vs. drone” warfare over the summer, when Armenia and Azerbaijan fought for command of the air above the contested territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, an ethnic Armenian enclave located within the legal boundaries of Azerbaijan. Both sides in this conflict had military drones, which are readily available through Turkish or Israeli export to Azerbaijan and local supply to Armenian forces. In Libya, a similar scene has emerged as Turkey has deployed its Bayraktar TB2 military drone in support of the UN-recognized Government of National Accord, in a proxy war against the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are operating Chinese Wing Loong II drones in support of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar of the so-called Libyan National Army… voir le rapport ou voir l’article qui le reprend

The Army Wants To Launch Drone Swarms Behind Enemy Lines From High-Altitude Balloons

The Drive – 30/11/2020 – The U.S. Army is looking at developing a network of high-altitude balloons that would fly in the stratosphere and be able to launch swarms of unmanned aircraft, including those configured as loitering munitions, also known as « suicide drones, » over enemy-controlled territory. These lighter-than-air vehicles could also be configured as sensor platforms to collect various kinds of intelligence or deploy other surveillance systems that would fall to the ground in order to monitor hostile movements, as well as act as communications relays… lire la suite


Joint venture : l’Ukraine produira des drones turcs

Air & Cosmos – 30/11/2020 – Selon les propos de Vadym Ihorovych, directeur général d’Ukrspetsexport, l’Ukraine et la Turquie développeraient actuellement une joint venture destinée à la production de drones turcs. Dans le cadre d’une interview, le directeur général d’Ukspetesexport, entreprise ukrainienne en charge des exportations, a annoncé que 48 systèmes de drones Bayraktar TB2 pourraient prochainement être produit en Ukraine. C’est en tout cas le but de la joint venture qui est en train de voir le jour entre le pays et la Turquie… lire la suite

Nordic Unmanned will become the first publicly listed drone operator in Europe

UASweekly – 28/11/2020 – Sandnes, Norway – Nordic Unmanned AS, a leading European provider of drone systems and services, is contemplating a private placement and listing on Euronext Growth Oslo (currently Merkur Market) in order to finance expected strong growth and international expansion. “While the largest market for high-end drones has…  lire l’article

DRONE VOLT a levé 4,1 millions d’euros

Capital – 1/12/2020 – Drone Volt a réussi son augmentation de capital avec maintien du droit préférentiel de souscription (DPS) d’un montant de 4,1 millions d’euros (dont l’intégralité a été libérée par versements en espèces) après exercice total de la clause d’extension. Marc Courcelle, directeur général du fabricant de drones, a déclaré : « Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer le large succès de cette opération en enregistrant l’un des meilleurs taux de souscription de l’année ce qui illustre la confiance de nos actionnaires et des nouveaux investisseurs en notre projet. » lire l’article

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